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What Is Launch Copy? Your Guide to Hiring a Copywriter

What is launch copy? I can just see you now: typing as fast as your little fingers can fly. You’ve stumbled onto my website and read the words Launch Copywriter. 

You’re like, Ok, I know I should know what this is, but I don’t feel like I’ll just Google it. 

You’re not the only one. A lot of entrepreneurs have heard of launch copy, but that doesn’t mean they know what it entails or what they would actually get if they sign up for launch copy. 

Kudos to you for actually doing your research and asking questions. Most people would just smile and nod, hoping no one notices the glazed-over look in their eyes. 

What Is a Launch?

Let’s start at the beginning. A launch is what you do when you release a new offer to the world. 

Here are the most common things coaches launch:

  • 1:1 Coaching programs
  • Group programs
  • New courses
  • Ebooks
  • Webinars
  • Freebies

…and anything else you want to promote to the world. 

Here’s what a launch involves:

Choose a concentrated amount of time (usually 4-6 weeks) to introduce the offer to your audience. 

Release the offer, little by little, to get your ideal clients curious, teased, excited, and tantalized about it. 

Once you’ve fully and officially launched it, that offer can stay on your website forever or you can take it away (after you’ve made the sales) and save it to re-launch later on. 

Why Should I Launch?

So many entrepreneurs just add their services to their website and call it a day. 

Don’t be one of those people. 

I bet you’re excited about your offer – over the moon, even. So your clients need to get excited about it too! There’s nothing more anti-climatic than preparing an incredible program that will impact your clients’ lives forever…then just letting it fall limp. 

Launching is your chance to build awareness and create excitement about the transformation your ideal clients can go through. 

It’s also your chance to make a huge chunk of cash. You know those coaches who constantly brag about six-figure launches? (You’re over there scrolling Insta in your PJs wondering if they’re just full of s**t. 

Well, they’re not. Coaches get these cash-cations because of launching. When a launch is done right, you get ideal clients foaming at the mouth for your work. 

You also get these mad perks:

  • Your audience grows: with sharing, commenting, live events, and recommendations, you get new hot leads. 
  • People get excited about you: Before you were just another entrepreneur in the online space. Now, you’re the next somebody to watch. 
  • You build up your own confidence: By embracing the fear of failure that inevitably comes with every launch, you gain the knowledge that you can and will build a successful business doing what you love and growing your impact. 
launch copy

The Launch Copy Breakdown 

So let’s talk about how to do a launch right. That’s where the launch copy comes in. 

Did you know that words shape our view of the world (sociologists go neck and neck on this one) and shape the very culture we live in? 

Check out the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis to see what I mean (thanks, Linguistics degree). 

Copywriting is your superpower when it comes to launching. Copywriting combines human psychology, linguistic psychology and sales psychology to create the hype and excitement you need to reach – and exceed – your highest sales goals. 

Copywriting takes your ideal clients through the ultimate journey: the journey of getting to know, like, and trust you. When your launch copy is done right, it creates curiosity and hype. It excites and tantalizes your audience. And finally, it awakens them to the deep need they have for what you’re selling and inspires them to buy. 

The key phrase here: When your launch copy is done right! Don’t just go out and hire the cheapest copywriter you can find. Find someone who will do the job to get results. More about that later. 

The Elements of Launch Copywriting

Every part of your launch serves an important purpose in reaching your sales goals. Don’t leave out or half-arse elements that can help you convert more clients. 

Sales Page

This is the part where most of your sales come in. It’s where you write down all the juicy details of your offer and bring out all the stops when it comes to persuasive writing. It’s your chance to bring a buyer from knowing absolutely nothing about your offer to actually paying for it. 

But there’s one small problem: you have to get those people to actually open the sales page and read it. That’s the job of the other launch copy elements. 

Insta (or Facebook) Captions

Your social media is the real marathon runner in your launch. You should be posting on social media just about every day during this process. Social media (we’ll focus on Instagram for right now) is the best place to generate new leads and build connections with them. 

But it doesn’t stop there. The majority of my clients come from Instagram. People see the content I’m consistently posting and they message me and ask me about my services. And that’s where I can point them to my sales page where they book a call. 

Instagram gives you the ability to promote your offer in smaller bites, getting you in front of your ideal clients every day. 

Email Sequence

An email sequence is different than just plain ol’ emails. It is a series of emails (usually about 8) that are strategized and targeted for a specific purpose: sales. 

Emails are a highly underrated element of your launch, and this is what people overlook: the people in your email contact list are already warm leads. 

When someone adds you on Instagram, they often have no idea who you are. They’re just curious bystanders. But an email contact is someone who liked your work (usually a freebie), and willingly gave out their contact information so you could advertise to them. 

Facebook Ads

The most misunderstood form of marketing. Most people either avoid them like the plague because they have no idea how to use them, or wayyyy overspend their budget because…they have no idea how to use them. 

And that’s a shame. Because Facebook ads are an incredible tool to bring the right leads to your doorstep – people who never knew you existed, but now they’re buying your offers and signing up for more. 

There are 3 keys to a successful Facebook ad campaign:

1. Ad management – you can manage your own ads but it all boils down to knowing your target audience. You’ve got to make sure the ad targets the right people. 

2. Design – the ad needs to be crisp and visually appealing to catch people’s eye and make them stop. 

3. Copywriting – The copy ties everything together in an ad. When your target audience sees the ad, they need something to keep them from saying, Oh that’s nice, and scrolling on by. 

Quality copywriting does that. Adding good copy to your design adds meaning to the design and awakens your audience to action. It takes them beyond, Oh, that looks good, to Wow, this is exactly what I need.

There’s a lot that goes into converting launch copy. Some entrepreneurs choose to hack away at the DIY process little by little, while others decide to save time and stress by hiring a copywriter. 

Step by Step Guide to Hiring a Copywriter

This guide will save your backside when it comes to launching. I’ve heard horror stories of coaches hiring the wrong copywriter. That can be devastating. This guide will map out your course as you dive into unknown territory. 

If you have been an unfortunate entrepreneur that hired the wrong copywriter in the past, this is for you, too – cheers!

launch copy

When to Hire a Copywriter

Every entrepreneur is different, but here are some benchmarks that should help you decide if this is the right timing for you. 

If you’ve been offering services or products for a while and haven’t gotten much of a response: hire a copywriter to help you promote those and gain more visibility and momentum. 

If you’re a brand new entrepreneur who has no idea what they’re doing (we’ve all been there): you need to start out with a business plan and marketing strategy before you hire a copywriter. A launch copywriter can help you attract and convert clients…but only up to a point. Copywriting is an essential rung in the marketing ladder, but it won’t do much good without a bigger picture to fit into. 

If you have go-to services you offer clients but are planning a shiny new course, training, or some other new offer: hire a launch copywriter to get the most of out of it. 

If you’re getting clients here and there but they’re not coming in consistently: hiring a copywriter can help you nail your messaging to consistently attract the right people. 

If you love writing for your business but just feel that something is missing: you can sign up for a power hour (some copywriters call it ‘Pick my Brain’) to get advice, feedback, and strategy to help you hone your skills. 

If you hate copywriting: hire a copywriter. That dread and fear shows right through your writing. And it ain’t pretty. 

What to Look for in a Launch Copywriter

Pay attention to these details when you’re looking for The One

Niche: Who does the copywriter usually work with? For example, I specialize in launch copy for coaches. Hiring someone who knows your industry and is already a part of that community will make the copy so much more targeted and connected to your audience. 

Specialty: What type of copy does the copywriter write (try saying that 5 times fast)? Most copywriters have a specific skill that they’ve honed and perfected. So if you’re looking for a launch copywriter but you find someone who specializes in web copy…it may not be a good fit. 

Vibe: It’s not a tangible quality you can put down a paper, but look for a copywriter who gets you. They get your brand, they jive with your personality, they’re stoked about what you do. A copywriter who gets you will produce the best work. 

Price: See the section below.

How much should I spend?

Please please please do not go out and look for the cheapest deal. I know investing is scary and often involves sacrifice. But you HAVE to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to a copywriter. Find the one that feels like the best possible match. 

If you think the price is too high, first ask if they take payment plans. I include flexible payment for all my launches. 

If it still seems high, break down how many sales you need to make to get your investment back. Often, it’s much more reasonable than you think. 

If it still seems high, consider the consequences of not investing. Chances are, you’re feeling stuck right now and that’s why you’re even considering hiring a copywriter. If you don’t make a change and take a chance, you’ll just stay stuck and things aren’t going to get better for you. 

That being said, your investment will range significantly from copywriter to copywriter. 

Some copywriters charge $10,000 for a launch package. Some charge $6,000. My launch copy is fully customizable (see my Launch Copy Menu), which means you can hire me for what you need, or what you can afford. Then you can DIY the rest. 

Depending on what custom package you and I land on during our discovery call, you’ll invest anywhere from $1,700 to $3,000. 

How long will it take?

Once again, that depends on the copywriter and the size of your project, but I typically have you ready to launch in 4 weeks. 

What launch copy should I outsource and what should I write myself?

Always start with what you know and love. If you love writing your Insta captions but hate writing your emails, then you could hire me to write your sales page and your email sequence. 

Just remember that in the end, the best launch copy gets results. There are plenty of benefits like impact and fulfillment, but the main one is cold, hard cash. So if you’re spending hours every week writing up content and it’s not getting results…outsource that shiz! 

I’m always here to help you decide what to outsource and what to DIY. Book a free 30-minute discovery call with me to get my personalized recommendation on the next steps for your upcoming launch. 

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