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Facebook Ad Copy

I’m teaching my ad copy methods that have gotten my clients multiple 5 figure, 6, and multi-6 figure launches.

That have filled their programs with aligned clients they’re stoked to work with.

Clients who are dedicated to the program. 
Clients who go on to compound the impact of your ripple effect!
Learn Launch Copywriting

I got my first copywriting gig in 2019 while I was backpacking through Europe.

I’d been traveling for two years, and by then, I’d blown through all my savings. That’s when I ended up stranded in Serbia with no money. 

I posted in a local Facebook group, asking if anyone had any work for a writer/ teacher. And that’s when an agency owner reached out to me and asked me to some write some Facebook ad copy. 

I’d never done it before. 

But once I got started, I had FUN writing it.

I took an ad for a car insurance company and turned it into a fun analogy about people needing to be their own “knight in shining armor” and make sure their “steed” is protected. 

They LOVED the copy. 

That business owner requested that I write all his copy from that point. 

I used his campaigns to create this fun brand that posted ads likening car insurance to playing basketball, celebrating Christmas…and they got amazing results! 

Since then, I’ve written hundreds of Facebook ads for my clients. I’ve taken some of the industry’s best trainings in copywriting, marketing and sales.

Now I’m teaching you how to write ads that get amazing results.

That build up your business as an in-demand brand…

that people can’t resist

That FLOOD your email list…

with ideal leads who turn into ideal clients.

My clients get results like these:

Lenka & Sarah brought in over 1,000 people to their launch masterclass (at just £4 per lead – that’s a VERY good statistic, if you’re not familiar with ad metrics).
Lenka did a 3-day flash sale while she was away on vacation and we brought in £30,000.
Raya and Trae had a $500,000 launch.
FB Ad Copy Testimonial

Now let me be transparent:

These incredible results happened with ads alongside an email sequence and a sales page. 

I worked with professional ad managers to make sure the copy would get in front of the right eyes. 

And my clients were great about showing up regularly on social media to promote their offer.


So here’s what writing excellent ad copy CAN and CAN’T do:

Excellent ad copy CAN stop the scroll and get people to click on your ad. 

It won’t convert well if it’s not being seen by the right people. That’s why during this training I’m going to give you the names of ad managers I’ve worked with and resources to learn how to manage your own ads if you’re on a budget! 

Excellent ad copy CAN bring new, ideal leads into your email list so you have a constantly growing community to sell your offers to. 

If you haven’t run ads before in the past, it can take some time for your ads to pick up traction. So it may take some time and patience for them to bring in the cash ROI. 

Excellent ad copy CAN prime cold leads so that they’ll warm up faster and be ready to sign up for you high ticket offer sooner. 

AS LONG AS they’re part of a solid strategy that works with your emails and your sales page. I’ll be teaching you that strategy inside the training!

what I’ll teach in the training:

How to make your ads FUN and engaging, so people can’t help but click on them

My psychology-based structure that effectively converts into leads

The strategy you need so that your ads will work with your emails and your sales page so the leads turn into clients

Simple design tips so the imagery in your ads boosts the copy

My recommendations on ad managers who can help you get your ads in front of the right eyes

Wouldn’t you say it’s time to consistently grow your audience so you always have fresh faces to sell to?

10% of all profits go to support the women protesting in Iran.

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