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Launch Copywriting for Coaches

High energy, high converting launch copywriting for coaches who want to change lives and catapult their income.

Scale your business with ease through sleaze-free sales copywriting that speaks to your ideal client’s soul.

launch copywriting for coaches

You know that feeling…

when you’ve spent weeks planning your ripe new launch, then no one signs up and the offer falls flat?

I promise you, that’s every coach’s worst nightmare. And it does happen. 

I’ll tell you the truth: If you want to help your clients defy their limits and emerge with confidence and clarity, your copy needs to set that example 1000%. 

The language in your copywriting sets the stage for your entire business.


So whatever you stand for (as a business and a human) better show up in your sales page, social media copy, emails…the whole kabootle.

When your launch copy isn’t fully aligned with conversion strategies and brand personality, the whole game is off. And that’s why launches fall flat.

Are you reading this thinking, “What the heck is launch copy?”

Don’t worry. I’ve made a free guide just for that. In it, you’ll learn exactly what launch copy is, and when/how to hire a copywriter.

Read the guide here:

What Is Launch Copy? Your Guide to Hiring a Copywriter

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I’m Mia and I write authentic copy in your unique voice – zoned in on your ideal clients.

That’s what brings you the big bucks. 

Besides copywriting, I’m also a linguist. I study the psychology behind each sound in every word to know exactly what emotions those sounds evoke. 

You should know that words are never just words. Each phrase you utter holds years of cultural beliefs and psychological associations. That means a simple change in wording could alter the entire direction of your launch, depending on who’s listening and what they’re going through. 

My job as a copywriter is to know that audience and hit the sweet spot that awakens their need for your help. That’s what drives your sales…and your limitless impact.

Thomas | Running Coach

launch copywriter for coaches

“Mia did a great job of adopting our brand’s tone – I was like, ‘Wait, did I write this??’ “

Mia has become a great partner for our website – the articles she has delivered have been consistently awesome.  I can highly recommend her for writing well-researched, SEO-optimised content.  She also did a great job of adopting our brand’s tone – I was like, “Wait, did I write this??” And she referenced some of our cornerstone material in each article.  I look forward to many more collaborations going forward!

Give a little piece of your heart, baby. 

As a coach, you genuinely want your clients to see life-changing transformations. Right?

Well, if you want clients to share their hearts and wallets with you, you better put out first! 

Your sales page and brand messaging need to match your passion – your ‘why’ behind your offer. And that’s where authenticity comes in. 

Before I even start writing your launch copy, I ask you the deep questions. I get to the heart of your business and flesh that out in branded copywriting.

When I’m finished, your launch will be so aligned with your soul that kindred spirit clients will be clamoring to work with you.

launch copywriting for coaches

The hours you’re wasting in front of a blank screen are not worth the inevitable burnout.

Place your launch on my capable shoulders and shift your focus on the parts of your business that you love to do.

Don’t waste precious hours trying out copywriting tips you found online. 

Imagine a launch that exceeds your financial goals. Now imagine doing that WHILE eating healthy, resting well, and spending quality time with your family.

If you don’t practice self-care, how can you expect to help your clients do the same?

So practice what you preach! Instead of limping towards burnout, prance across the finish line with energy to spare.

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