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Mia Kercher

Aligned Copywriting Coach

I teach impact-obssessed entrepreneurs to write:

sleaze-free sales copy

That speaks to your ideal client’s soul and makes you $$$!

Your Writing Can Attract High Level Clients

Who Are Aligned With Your Passion

& Your Values

As an impact-obssessed entrepreneur, you have a calling to make the world a better place with your gifts and skills.

You can’t afford to make yourself small or dim your light when our society desperately needs what you have to offer.

But we change-makers also have a responsibility to change the marketing/sales world’s current oppressive narrative…

I call that narrative the


BUY NOW MENTALITY takes advantage of people’s generational traumas, anxieties, or insecurities and exploits them for its own gain.

BUY NOW MENTALITY pushes and prods people into buying, without giving them the space to make an empowered decision on their own terms.

We’ve all been taken advantage of and triggered by this, and the LAST thing you want to do is market your own business in this way.

Let’s replace the


with Sleaze-Free Sales Copy!

Sleaze-Free Sales Copy

Sleaze-Free Sales Copy connects you with your audience via:

  1. Storytelling, 
  2. Shared values, 
  3. Energetically aligned self expression, and 
  4. Psychology-based frameworks that make your offer clear and compelling. 

It takes the complexities of your service (I’m talking to you, healers, energy workers, activists, coaches, guides and teachers) – and makes the benefits of working with you obvious AF.

But it doesn’t shy away from addressing what your clients are going through. It speaks to them with empathy and love. It positions you as a relatable, powerful guide who can help them through their blocks.

Launch Checklist

The doors are OPEN to join MULTIPLY – my group launch copywriting program! 6 months of mentoring & teaching to help you write your launch copy from top to bottom. With the best results you’ve ever had. 

When I started out as a freelance copywriter ,

The guy I worked for told me that my ad copy needed to “inspire greed” in the people who read it.

I would cringe, feel the guilt creeping up, maybe feel like I could use a long shower…and get back to writing.

My ads performed really well because I used a lot of vivid imagery and clever analogies that drew the click rates through the roof.

The agency’s clients started requesting me specifically to write their copy, because it boosted their brand recognition in addition to the great numbers they were getting.

That’s when I realized I could write for biz owners I actually jived with.

I took the CopyHackers trainings, took courses and worked with coaches to improve my selling and marketing skills. And I got really good at copywriting.

I started writing sales copy for coaches and ethical business owners who were making a real difference in the world. And I began experimenting with ways to sell a LOT…WHILE getting rid of the techniques that made me feel sleazy.

I started listening to my intuition. 

I was like, “hmmmm this doesn’t feel genuine or honest…how can I tweak this method so it sits well with my conscience and represents my client authentically?”

…Turns out, being genuine, empathetic, and loving in your copywriting can actually work! 

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Copywriting Testimonial Mollie Boyd
Copywriting Coach

I was getting referrals up the wazoo, was fully booked out, and my clients were getting great results.

Now, I have a calling to teach these methods to allllll entrepreneurs

who want to grow and scale their business differently. With honesty and integrity AND effective sales copy and marketing.

And I’d love to teach you these methods too, if you’ll have me.

Here are the ways you can learn Sleaze-Free Sales Copy from me:

Email Copywriting Course – to learn the ins and outs of writing high-selling emails

Email Copywriting Course

Learn my full methodology for ethical and effective launches, with group teaching & mentoring:

Launch Copywriting Course

90-Minute Copywriting Intensive

I’ll review your DIY copy and give you feedback. We’ll strategize how to make it better/more ethical. And I’ll give you plenty of ideas and education to move forward.

1:1 Mentoring

Work with me privately and we’ll dig into your marketing, launching, and messaging methods.


The main focus is on copywriting, but we will also look at your strategies and make sure they’re aligned with your values and how you want your marketing to tick.

I’ll teach you how I dig into the energetics behind creativity and self expression so you can always speak from an empowered and authentic place.

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