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online 3-day sales page workshop

Sales Page Workshop

You’re MORE than cliché phrases and worn out copy/paste templates.

You’re MORE than repetitive, boring rules that don’t allow you to fully express yourself.

I’ll teach you to use storytelling, a simple framework, and energetic alignment to call in your kindred spirit ideal clients.

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Forget chasing.

Forget convincing.

Forget, forget, forget all the making-yourself-small, ingenuine, hiding-your-true-self ways the patriarchy teaches you to market. 

That archaic system wants you to squeak out your offer like a quiet little mouse, who peeps out of its hole, darting nervously around before it scuttles to scavenge its breadcrumbs before running, terrified, back into its hole in the wall.

Not you. You’re a unique, powerful, unabashed woman.

You take up space. 

You ask for what you want.

You want a sale? You get it. 

You want to tell people about your offer? You bellow it out. 

You let your voice echo through the walls of every room so everyone knows who you are and what you have to offer this world. 

You unapologetically speak your truth. and the people who are meant to join you come surging in. 

Drawn by a force so powerful it cannot be resisted.

What is this force?

it’s Love. 

It’s the great love you have for those you coach, teach, serve, or support. 

It’s the love you use to guide your clients through the dark places – through their shadows and blocks. As you lead them through growth, healing, and power to become their best selves.

Yes, your copywriting can draw in your ideal clients like a fierce wolf, calling in her wolf pack.

Sales Page Workshop

Your most aligned, soulmate clients can come into your program through the power of effective copywriting. 

The deep, healing magic of storytelling can have them drooling, growling, and panting for the offer you’re placing in front of them.

The strength and passion of a solid structure and proven framework can lead your clients to the watering hole where they’re ready to feast. 

The palpable love that flows through sleaze-free ways of selling lets them know that it’s safe to sign up.

I’ll show you how to do this in my new sales page workshop

Spend 3 days with me and write your sales page for your next launch!

I’d love to show you how to write your sales page WITHOUT cliché, overused expressions that everyone is sick of hearing (and you’re sick of writing).

I’ll show you how to get inspired about what to write – and get your creative juices flowing (even if you don’t consider yourself a writer).

I’ll give you a structure to follow – WITH room to improvise and let your self expression go wild.

I’ll gift you techniques that:

  • Make your words mouth-watering, 
  • Make your offer clear as the light of Eärendil (Lord of the Rings fans? Hint: It shines in dark places where there is no light),
  • Calls in your wolf pack of ideal clients who are hungry and thirsty for the transformation you can guide them through.
Ready to sign up now? Atta girl.

(Or any gender/non-gender human who wants to come.)

Sales Page Workshop

Ilona went from 5-10 signups to 20 signups

And from dreading her copy —> to feeling so aligned with it 

L’udmila went from no idea how to write a sales page…

to a clear process to write a converting page on her own

***P.S – here’s the itinerary

Day 1: Market research & energetic alignment

#1 copywriting mistake all business owners make: They don’t do adequate preparation before the launch. On this day, I’ll guide you through questions to ask your clients for converting, compelling copy. AND questions to ask yourself to make sure YOU are in an energetic space to communicate your power to your clients.

Day 2: Put Your Prep Work Into a Structure

Copywriting cannot convert on creativity alone. The human functions in mysterious ways. Lucky for you, I have a pretty strong grasp on how to format your words so the human mind wants to buy what you’re selling. I’ll show you my SIMPLE framework that can hold the space for energetic, magical, wild self expression.

Day 3: Live Sales Page Walkthrough

I’m walking you through a sales page example so you can see exactly what the framework looks like IRL – so you can do it for your own offer. 

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Sales Page Workshop
Sales Page Workshop
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