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What Is Aligned Copy Coaching?

I’m sure you’re already familiar with Copy Coaching. Aligned Copy Coaching is a little different. 

If you’re an impact-driven entrepreneur or any type of spiritual/energetic business owner:

This is the process that makes every bit of copy content you put into your business resonate with your ideal clients so you sell in a sleaze-free way. And it’s going to resonate with YOU and your ultimate vision for your business and your higher purpose.

But First, What Is Copy Coaching? 

Aligned Copy Coaching

This is when you bring your DIY copy to our 1:1 session together, I review it, and I give you feedback, suggestions for improvement, and then brainstorm/strategize with you on how you’ll make those improvements. 

This has been extremely helpful for my coaching clients, who have been able to:

  • Shift her messaging to attract higher level clients, 
  • Develop a content strategy to convert clients regularly, 
  • Clearly articulate the knowledge in her mind and translate it into concise copy, 
  • Showcase her personality and make her copy more fun and funny instead of being super formal, 
  • Optimize her sales page for her last-minute launch,
  • Get clarity on her “I help” statement for her LinkedIn bio and website pages.

These kinds of wins not only build up confidence, but they end up saving my clients time AND money, and then making them MORE money in their regular marketing and/or launches and funnels.

Aligned Copy Coaching

Recurring Mindset Issues Will Still Get In the Way of Your Results

Even with these powerful tools, resources, and brainstorming sessions, deep-rooted mindset blocks kept getting in the way: 

One client now knew how to write powerful Calls to Action and to structure her copy to lead her clients persuasively to that CTA. 

But she hesitated to use that knowledge because she was afraid of selling too often, lest her audience get tired of hearing about the same offer. 

Do you know the feeling? Most entrepreneurs do. 

One client gained the confidence to sell her offer, but she continued to struggle with confidence in talking about herself to create know/like/trust. 

Another client (an energetic healer) hesitated to assert her ability to help people, because her own business was not fully booked.

You Can’t Solve Deep Inner Issues By Slapping On Copywriting Techniques

Just like you can’t put a BandAid over an infected cut. You have to go in, clean it out, disinfect it, and THEN put the BandAid on to support the wound while it heals. 

Copywriting is the frosting on the cake. 

The actual cake is: 

  • You being deeply rooted and believing in your own worth and abilities, 
  • Clarity on who YOU are, what your purpose is, and what you want to do & receive,
  • Uncovering the roots of your fears and insecurities and nurturing them.

Only then will you be able to sell with confidence, boldness, and undeniable authority! 

When you’ve dug into these mindset and energetic blocks, then you’re ready to apply the tools and copywriting techniques. 

So How to Solve Those Deep Inner Issues?

You have to learn how to de-code your mind! 

Our primal brains are in a constant state of protection and survival mode. Anything that is unfamiliar, risky, or vulnerable makes that primal mode go into overdrive. 

You know those times when you have an idea or want to do something, but then you’re completely frozen, stuck, and unable to take action? 

That’s because your brain is trying to protect you from risk. 

Aligned Copy Coaching

And when we’ve cleared and worked through this, THEN I give you the proven sales copy techniques that I’ve built up throughout my copywriting career. 

When your strategies and techniques are fully aligned with your healthy sense of self, when you are spiritually and energetically aware of what drives your thoughts and actions below the surface, that’s when your marketing and sales go through the fucking roof and you attract your most aligned soulmate clients to your offer. 

Enter: Aligned Copy Coaching (And Why It’s So Transformational)

There are mindset coaches who can help you uncover blocks holding you back. And that’s great. But shifting your beliefs is only half of the process. 

Without aligned, strategic action, your new beliefs will not do you any good. 

That’s why the Copy Coaching portion of this is so important: You then get the tools, resources, and strategy in place to put your beliefs into action. These two elements are 100% the catalyst to selling out your offers and experiencing fulfillment in your work. 

What Do We Do in Our Sessions/What’s Included? 

There’s no pre-ordained structure because these are customized to what you’re going through and what you’re working on in your business right now. But here’s a general outline: 

  • You bring the copy you’ve written/are writing for your next business goal: whether that’s a sales page or emails for your launch, your monthly Insta content, your website, etc.
  • I’ll ask you what you’re struggling with, where you’re stuck, or what you’d like my feedback on. (It’s also ok if you’re not quite sure!)
  • As we pinpoint areas where you’re struggling, I’ll ask you open-ended questions to help you uncover what may be holding you back or limiting your ability to express yourself or resonate with your ideal clients. 
  • After our session, I’ll record a meditation for you based on your energy – to bring imagery and symbolism to your view, so that you can see intangible blocks in a very tangible way. 
  • I’ll give you journaling exercises to take away so you can dive even deeper into your subconscious to find out what’s buried underneath. 
  • You’ll be able to message in between sessions to ask questions as they come up.
  •  AND you’ll get feedback from me on how to improve as you go. 
Aligned Copy Coaching

How Long Does the Process Take? 

With the years that I’ve spent mastering copywriting best practices and strengthening my mindset and energy management, I can tell you this doesn’t happen overnight! 

BUT some people come in and just need feedback on a sales page before they go live with their launch. 

Others need to really strip to the core of their messaging and build it from the inside out. In that case, we would most likely set up a 6-session schedule. 

And… I’m offering a free 15-minute trial session to make sure we’re a great team to go through this adventure together! 

When you book it, you’ll bring the copy you’d like me to look at to our trial session. I’ll give you feedback and tangible ideas to improve the copy – in these 15 minute sessions, some of my clients have nailed down their value proposition for their sales page, cleaned up their formatting for their email sequence…a LOT can happen in 15 minutes. 

After the 15 minutes, I’ll share with you my recommendation for our next steps going forward. 

Book your free trial session here. 

(If you book a session, I ask that you’re seriously considering working with me! This is a gift that has a lot of value – and it’s designed to help you figure out if we’re a good match.) 


If you want your team or group coaching program to have access to this process, you can sign up for monthly Aligned Copy Coaching office hours and bake it into your offer as it goes live. 

Book a call to get more details here.

Who Is Aligned Copy Coaching For? 

⚡️ This is for you if you hate bro-ey marketing and copywriting and want to sell to your audience in a sleaze-free, trauma-informed, genuinely authentic way. 

⚡️ If you shy away from selling regularly in your copy & content because you’re afraid of coming across too ‘pushy’ or you’re afraid your audience will get tired of hearing about your offer. 

⚡️ If you’ve launched or have an evergreen funnel but the copy hasn’t converted well. 

⚡️ If you hesitate to assert your authority or expertise because you’re not sure if you’re qualified enough, or if people will take you seriously. 

⚡️ If your in-house copy/content writer struggles to convey your message and brand clearly and you want to support them with extra training. 

⚡️ If the clients in your group program are dealing with any of the above issues, and you want to equip them with the mindset and skills to write converting copy for their business. 

If you’re still not sure, you can always send me a DM on Insta and see if it’s right for you! 

Aligned Copy Coaching

Why Should I Be Your Aligned Copy Coach? 

Aligned Copy Coaching

I work with impact-driven coaches, writing sleaze-free sales copy that embodies their message and attracts fully aligned clients in their launches and evergreen funnels. 

I’ve helped my clients sell offers from as low as $27 digital products to as high as $30k coaching programs. Because I work with out-of-the-box coaches, I’m helping spiritual mentors, energetic healers, reiki practitioners (etc.) to take complex subject matter and break it down in clear, tangible, DESIRABLE language that makes people buy their offers. 

I started out as a newly-graduated linguistics and writing major, taught for a couple years, then dedicated every waking moment to building my copywriting craft and growing my business. 

That has been so intensely challenging, that along the way, I’ve taken extensive trainings in mindset, intuitive leadership, energetic marketing, and self coaching.

Up until recently, I’ve been keeping all that to myself as I forged on with copywriting. But as I offered Copy Coaching more and more, I uncovered the need for my mindset coaching and spiritual mentorship along the way. 

I so strongly believe that you can’t write converting sales copy if you don’t have aligned mindset practices and the inner work to support those techniques. 

That’s why I’ve brought them together in ONE offer. 

You Get to Become Your Most Authentic Self AND Make a Butt-Load of $$ Through Your Copywriting and Marketing

The first step to take is to sign up for a free 15-minute trial session. You and I will decide if we’re a good team, and then set up a partnership to take on this adventure together. 

Book your free session here! 

Aligned Copy Coachig


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