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Copy writing

with Confidence

Learn to write copy with confidence,

knowing your business will make sales.

You in 2020

You spend hours in copywriting blogs and videos, hunting for tips.

You fill your content calendar with insta posts.

Your sales page gobbles up a week of your time.

But your finger still shakes every time you hit ‘publish.’

You have no idea if your copy will convert. 

You in 2021

After my 4-week group mentorship you’ll be…

Boldly showing off your website

Confident in your content strategy

Positive that you’re speaking directly to ideal clients

Booking clients who connect with your brand

copywriting with confidence

When your business is in its early stages, every expense hurts. 

You KNOW good copywriting would catapult your sales. But you keep swatting it back, waiting for the right time to invest.

copywriting with confidence

In the meantime…

You’re procrastinating your website reveal or launch because you feel nervous about your copy.

You can’t connect your brand voice with your ideal client’s pain points for a clear message. 

You want to actively sell your offer but don’t want to come off as salesey.

You have a feeling you’re not showing up authentically in your communication but don’t know how to get that alignment.

Well, I’m listening. 

And that’s why I want to be your mentor. 

It’ll be you, me, and 6-10 other entrepreneurs who are sick of feeling bad about their copy and want to stop losing potential clients with weak copy.

"Mia simultaneously listened and cut through my sense of overwhelm to give me the tools I needed to start really moving forward in this industry."

Claire | Travel Blogger, The Millennial Abroad

“Mia was wonderful during our first consultation. She listened to me think out loud (read: ramble on and on) about what I wanted for my blog and what I knew I should be doing for my blog without interruption. Then, she offered insight and feedback that was actually actionable. I felt like she simultaneously listened and cut through my sense of overwhelm to give me the tools I needed to start really moving forward in this industry.”

In just 4 weeks you’ll be able to…

Write original copy that’s totally you, so your clients recognize it a mile away

Use a consistent brand voice that sounds like you and represents your business personality

Cover all your bases in your day-to-day copy that speaks to your ideal client and turns followers into customers

Stop the scroll with unique and powerful headlines

Construct calls to action that convert without feeling sleazy 

Replace fluff you don’t need with concise, branded words that actually work

copywriting feedback

But why should you be my mentor? 

Because I help creative entrepreneurs get out of the shadows and shine the light on their skill.  

I’m Mia. I’m a creative myself and I get you. I spent most of my life downgrading my writing as a “hobby.” I dreamed of this career but I listened to society’s drivel, claiming creatives can’t make any money. 

Then I ran out of money while traveling. Stranded in Europe with no cash, I started freelance writing.

Now, I run my own copywriting business full time. I’ve helped designers, jewelry makers, travel bloggers, and fitness coaches amplify their business. 

They’ve gone from struggling to explain what they do to raking in the cash. 

In fact, I wrote a sales page last week and my client has already made 2 sales since then! 

You don’t have to limp along in your business, never getting the results you deserve.

Let’s get down and dirty with the program details. 

January 4-February 1, 2021

Here’s what you’ll get in the program. 

Weekly group meetings include:

  • Mini tutorial from me
  • Questions and collaboration from you and your creative cohort (i.e. the other entrepreneurs)
  • Personalized feedback on your website, sales page, and social media
  • If you don’t have a website or sales page…you will. 
  • Fun homework assignments
  • Access to message me on Voxer any weekday

launch copy testimonial

What Topics Will Be Covered?

Week 1: Brand Voice

Collobarate with me and your group in a brand voice workshop. Dive deep into your personality and values, and how they fits into your business personality.

Week 2: Website Copy

Make a template for your own website, based on conversion techniques. Design a strategy that fits you, your goals, and your tone.

Week 3: Social Media Bio, Captions, & Strategy

Find your best and worst social media post. Plan out a posting strategy based on your upcoming business plan.

Week 4: Sales Page Copy

Make a template for your sales page copy. Get feedback from me and the group on existing pages.

This is your chance to show up for your audience as the authority you are.

By the way, did you know I’m an educator?

I was a teacher’s aid from ages 14-18. 

I taught English for 4 years. 

I’m a certified teacher by Portland State University. 

I know my stuff. And I know how to teach it. Glean from my 8 years of teaching experience.


copywriting testimonial

How do I know if this is right for me?

Copywriting with Confidence is right for you if…

  • You’re a new business owner and don’t want to go months without getting clients. You want to build a solid foundation for success right away.
  • You’re a new copywriter who wants to learn more than free online tips can teach you, but aren’t ready to pay thousands of dollars for the transformation.
  • You’ve had your business for a while and enjoy writing your own copy, but want to feel more confidant that you’ll get results from your hard work.
  • You want to start making money with your blog but aren’t sure how to position yourself to do that.

Still got a few questions before you’re ready to sign up?

Schedule a free 15-minute call with me and ask away ’till your heart’s content.


Sign up with Speakeasy Status.

This mentorship is in its beta stage, which means I’m not launching it publicly…yet. If you’re seeing this page, it’s because I’ve selected you personally for a private invite. 

If you wait, you can still catch the next round…but space will be limited and it’ll be harder to get in. 

Plus…everyone will know about it later and you won’t have speakeasy access. 

Right now, the program is 50% off the full price. You’re getting mad value for the lowest price it’ll ever be. 

It’s just 2 monthly payments of $97.

But $97 is still a lot of money for me.

I get it. Believe me. It’s scary as hell.  

But you’re not buying this mentorship the way you’d buy merchandise at the store. This is an investment. 

If you lack confidence in your copywriting, this program will give you the skills you need to KNOW your words will sell in 2021.  

copywriting with confidence

So put that money out there, baby. Be brave enough to believe in your business!

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