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Copy writing

with Confidence

Learn to write copy with confidence,

Attracting and converting clients consistently.

You’re a passionate business owner with a calling to change the world, one client at a time. 

You’re determined to empower your clients to invest in your service through sleaze-free messages that open their eyes to the value you offer.

Here’s how:

  • First, you realize the blank Google Doc won’t go away until you get a solid framework to fill it with.
  • Then you’ll stop wasting that time trying to figure out what makes ‘good copy’ and ‘bad copy,’ and you’ll feel sure about what to write and what not to. 
  • You’ll start writing engaging copy that stands out from the rest. 
  • And finally sit back, not worrying about the outcome because you know ideal clients will sign up with you because of your copywriting.
copywriting with confidence

You see, copywriting that stands out and converts ideal clients doesn’t happen in the rabbit holes of Googling and Youtube-ing for copy tips.

When those tips are not strategically placed inside a proven framework, they’ll cure your lack of clients as well as cough syrup will cure the coronavirus. 

What you need is a simple framework and step-by-step instructions that help you connect the dots and see how sales copy is done IRL. 

That framework will build unshakeable confidence and your own taste for good copy that connects and converts.

That’s where Copywriting with Confidence comes in.

It’s a step-by-step, guided course that takes you from uncertain and ineffective to slam dunks that land consistent clients.

This is you right now

Ideal clients don’t sign up with you because they don’t realize how much you could transform their lives

You rarely sell yourself in your copy because you hate “humble bragging” and feel insecure about it

You dread planning your content because you have no idea how to connect with your ideal clients

This will be you after the course

Your ideal clients consistently message about your services and book discovery calls with you

Your courses and programs are full of people you’d love to work with

You write your content with ease and make more sales while doing it

You sell yourself confidently because your audience sees you as a leader

Sleaze-free conversion copy has the power to get you clients and help you scale your business.

But only if you know the sweet spot between authenticity and converting strategies. One without the other is like Beauty and the Beast before they hooked up.

You’re either too pretty and loveable and no one takes you seriously, or you’re so obnoxious that everyone hides when they see you coming.

You started your business because you want to help people and make a lot of money (be honest).

Imagine being able to:

  • Stand out among your competitors as your own unique, confident self
  • Use a consistent brand voice that sounds like you and represents your business personality
  • Cover all your bases in your day-to-day copy that speaks to your ideal client and turns followers into customers
  • Stop the scroll with unique and powerful headlines
  • Construct calls to action that convert without feeling sleazy 
  • Replace fluff you don’t need with concise, branded words that actually work

You’ll finally get what you need to leave weak, wasting-your-time copy and start filling your schedule with dream clients.


The Zone of Development System

Each module in the course builds on the previous, helping you review and cement principles from past lessons, then build on them with new information. 

This follows the pattern of the Zone of Proximal Development, (a system used by educators) to take your current knowledge and abilities and transition easily into your potential knowledge and abilities. 

You’ll be constantly learning, without feeling overwhelmed at a lot of information in a compact course. 

Aren’t you glad I’m a certified educator?😁

You get fun homework assignments with each lesson.

It’s not enough to learn the theory behind the system – you need to practice it on your own, and see how it fits into your YOUR business. 

This is what plasters the principles and techniques into your mind muscles so they fit like a glove in your everyday copywriting habits.

I know you’re no stranger to copywriting courses.

You’ve seen ads, heard a bajillion opinions about big-name courses. 

Heck, you’ve probably considered signing up for one at some point. 

You may have even gone all the way to third base and already invested… 

…Without results.

So what makes Copywriting with Confidence so special?

As a certified educator from Portland State University with 8+ years of teaching experience, I’ve made sure that each lesson is optimized to help you plug the information directly into your website, sales page, or social media captions. 

***No, it’s not a template – but I take you through the process of creating your own outlines for each one. 

Then I give you step-by-step instructions on how to fill in those outlines. 

You won’t just know how to write copy that stands out, captures attention, keeps your audience engaged. You’ll actually do it yourself. 

You can finally kick that imposter syndrome to the curb, knowing you’ve positioned your offer to elevate your brand and attract your people. 

You’ll feel proud of your copy instead of awkwardly sending your link and then apologizing for it.

copywriting with confidence

"Mia simultaneously listened and cut through my sense of overwhelm to give me the tools I needed to start really moving forward in this industry."

Mia was wonderful during our first consultation. She listened to me think out loud (read: ramble on and on) about what I wanted for my blog and what I knew I should be doing for my blog without interruption. Then, she offered insight and feedback that was actually actionable. She simultaneously listened and cut through my sense of overwhelm to give me the tools I needed to start really moving forward in this industry.

Claire | The Millennial Abroad

sales copywriting

Who am I

to be teaching

you copywriting?

I had NO clue what I was doing when I started learning copywriting.

Before that, I was a teacher, a linguist, and a fiction writer. 

I started copywriting after backpacking for 2 years and ended up stranded in Serbia with no $$.

My learning was left to the mercy of the Google search. I devoured what I could from agency owners I freelanced for, blogs, videos, books… everything I could get my hands on. 

When I finally started making money, I invested in credible programs from industry leaders on copywriting, messaging, marketing, and sales. 

Now, I’m consistently meeting (and exceeding) my monthly sales goals. Yay!

My DMs and discovery calls are full of ideal clients wanting to work with me.

My clients go from struggling to explain what they do to raking in the cash. In fact, I recently wrote a sales page for my client and she got 2 new 1:1 clients in just one week!

I’ve compiled what I’ve learned so busy entrepreneurs don’t have to scavenge for information the way I did.

copywriting testimonials

Let’s get down and dirty with the program details.

Here’s what you’ll get from the course

5 chapters. 20 modules.

Over 4 hours of instruction (Value: $397)

Fun homework assignments after each module (Value: $197)

4 customizable worksheets (Value: $97)

Total value: $691

Your Investment: $147

(Or 2 monthly payments of $75)

Want your copy to convert even faster?

Sign up for the Copy Catapult edition and get my eyes on your work.

Here’s what you’ll get from the Copy Catapult

Everything in the course (Value: $691) plus…

60-minute coaching call for personalized feedback and questions (Value: $197)

Voxer support for 7 days after the coaching call (Value: $147)

Total value: $1,035

Your investment: $247

(Or 2 monthly payments of $125)

I need this transformation
copywriting with confidence
copywriting with confidence
copywriting course

Ok, but what’s really inside?

Chapter 1

Copywriting Essential Pillars - Writing Words that SELL

Module 1: How to use the course effectively

Module 2: My 8-step copywriting formula

Module 3: Headlines & hooks

Module 4: Calls to action

Chapter 3

Writing Your Website

Module 9: Write your home page

Module 10: Write your about page

Module 11: Write your services page

Module 12: SEO keyword research & implementation

Chapter 5

Sales Page Mastery

Module 16: Prepping your sales page

Module 17: Writing a converting sales page

Module 18: Buyer psychology

Module 19: Common sales page mistakes

Bonus: Blooper reel!

Chapter 2

Brand Voice: Establish Your Authority

Module 5: Authentic copywriting: Sleaze-free writing

Module 6: Why brand voice?

Module 7: Discovering your unique brand voice

Module 8: Tapping into your CEO persona

Chapter 4

Social Media Captions That Convert

Module 13: The converting structure of a social media caption

Module 14: Messaging pillars for your content strategy

Module 15: Optimize your Insta bio

Worksheets & Bonuses

Implement what you learn!

Guided brand voice worksheet + mindmap

Choose your authentic brand values

Social media caption checklist

Accommodating buyer psychologies worksheet

Homework assignments after each module to help you write outlines, self edit your work and put the lessons to practice

copywriting testimonials

I was trying to launch my first ever course and felt completely terrified and overwhelmed at the thought of making a sales page! I knew I needed guidance and really loved Mia’s sales pages so I signed up with her. She gave me direction on where to improve on my page to increase sales. Thanks for all your help Mia! To anyone thinking about signing up...go for it!

Emily | Canva & Branding Educator

Note: Emily sold out her course and made $10k+ in her course launch!

How do I know if this is right for me?

Copywriting with Confidence is right for you if…

You’re a coach who wants to learn all aspects of your business (instead of outsourcing everything)

You’re a service provider who wants to attract high paying clients

You’re a new copywriter who wants to learn more than free online tips can teach you, but aren’t ready to pay thousands of dollars for the transformation.

You’re a new business owner who can’t afford to outsource your copy just yet (but you still want converting copy)

If you invest in my course now, then decide to hire me for your launch in the future, I’ll subtract the course amount from your future launch package!

Still have a few questions before you’re ready to sign up?

Schedule a free 15-minute call with me and ask away ’till your heart’s content.

But $97 is still a lot of money for me.

I get it. Believe me. It’s scary as hell.  

But you’re not buying this course the way you’d buy a pair of shoes. You’re investing to make more sales in your business. 

If you stay where you are now, your progress will be slow as molasses on a winter day. Investing now will help you grow exponentially. Would you rather stay stuck or do you want to catapult?  

copywriting with confidence

So put that money out there, baby. Be brave enough to believe in your business!

copywriting testimonials


How much time should I spend on the course?

The course modules average 15 minutes in length. Binging the lectures won’t take as long as Breaking Bad, but you’ll want to take your time for the homework assignments. 

Like most things in life, you get what you put into it. You can spend as little as 30 minutes a day, but keep in mind that I’ve dedicated hours, days, and years into honing my copywriting skills. 

Too much for you? Let’s compromise with 1 hour a day.

Will I still get results if I don’t invest in the Copy Catapult option?

Definitely. The homework assignments are designed for you to put the lectures into practice and experiment with new techniques. 

That said, you will get better results with the Copy Catapult. Asking questions as they pop into your head during the course, on top of coaching calls for personalized feedback on your work will help you hone your skills more effectively.

Can I invest in the course now and sign up for the Copy Catapult later if I change my mind?

Yes! Just keep in mind that the ability to shoot questions over Voxer while you’re watching the course or doing the assignments is a powerful tool that will optimize your learning. 


But if you’re in the middle and decide you want to go for it, just send me a message and I’ll get you set up.