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Sales Emails

Write your Sleaze-Free,

Sales-heavy launch sequence

Without the knee-shaking, 


Blinking-in-the-headlights procrastination and dread!

sales emails
sales copywriting


Latest research shows that online business owners everywhere describe email writing as,


“It’s almost impossible to find a copywriter who can capture my unique voice,” said one disgruntled biz owner.

“The unknown of ‘where to start’ and ‘what to write’ create self doubt that I just don’t have time for,” huffed another busy entrepreneur. 

One coach claimed:

“Launching is exciting, but I hate that it takes time away from my current clients!”

A service provider complained:

“I have to be in *just* the right mood to write my emails. Even when I find it, they still don’t come out how it sounded in my head.” 

The level of email-exasperated online business owners is staggering:

“It’s hard to write confident, assertive sales copy without coming across bro-market-y or smarmy.” 

“Between tweaking my sales page, Facebook lives, following up with leads, and supporting my existing clients – launch emails always get banned to the back burner.”

To all you impact-obssessed entrepreneurs whose next launch looms closer than Mercury Retrograde…

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can write Sleaze-Free launch emails that *actually* make you money

Without sucking your precious time down the Vacuum Void.

All the doubt and dread from the quotes above? That can all go away. You’ll replace them with confidence, ease, and connection with your ideal clients. 

You’ll get a bread n’ butter foundation when it comes to emails and headlines: knowing how to talk to your audience in a juicier way

You’ll get lightbulb ideas that will get you crazy results, for a long period of time, with less work (a good equation, right?!)

Your audience will “click” with your emails, instead of getting that, ‘It’s written just to be written’ vibe 😣

You’ll have enough confidence to jump into Kajabi and start building sequences – no more ‘Freeze Mode’

Writer’s block? Nah. That’s gone. 


Sales emails aren’t sleazy when you sound like you’re just chatting over coffee with a bestie you haven’t seen in a while.

Selling out your launch can be as easy as:

“Oh yeah, I’m always really happy with the way she cuts my hair; I can give you her number if you want!” 

“Yessss, thank you! Mine always ruins my bangs.”

Annnd boom. Sale closed.

How can it possibly be this easy?

I thought you’d never ask.

Allow me to introduce you to…

Email Copywriting Course

The DIY Launch Email Mini Course to help you write emails that make you money,

Without triggering your clients in a negative way,

With writing that is rooted in deep connection and draws together powerful, soul-driven humans.

Sleaze-Free Sales Emails nips your launch overwhelm in the bud. It demolishes the last-minute vibe that usually comes when writing launch emails: 

That feeling of rushing into a big meeting, apologizing profusely for being late, and looking down with horror at the coffee stain on your white button-down.

Let’s Smack Life Into Your Drab Email List


10 Tutorials & How-To’s

They’ll walk you through the email writing process from planning, to structure, to optimizing for sales

You’ll replace bland, limp, disappointing copy with words that make your audience fall in love with you and throw hundred dolla bills at you! 

Worksheets, Guides, & Cheatsheets

Ripe with prompts & examples so you never have to start from scratch

There’s no “Look but no touching” rule here. You’ll take those copy samples, look them up and down, then bring them home for a good time. I’ll tell you juuust what to do with them so you get the best results for your launch.

7 Sales Email Templates

For a strategic sequence that makes you bank 

These truly plug n’ play templates give you the opportunity to make the templates your own perfect fit with your unique brand voice and your unlike-any-other offer. Like Cinderella’s delicate foot sliding right into her glass slipper.

Email Copywriting Course

PLUS These Bonuses!

Downsell email template, for the ones who didn’t buy

People who buy something from you (even the tiniest ticket offer) are more likely to invest in your high ticket program later on. 

Post launch market research template

The best way to get raw, candid market research gold from your ideal clients’ fingertips.

All this sexy stuff for just $97!

(Or 2 payments of $50)

"I am a writer who is exploring capitalizing on this skillset. I took the course to garner an understanding about what this process takes to launch, succeed and for general information. It went above and beyond my expectations. There was so much value I felt like I was getting 3-for-1. Mia helped to demystify the challenges and issues that may come up as you navigate this industry. Mia built her business from the ground up and she has so much valuable knowledge to convey and is really competent at it.”

Sheba | Former Student

Sleaze-Free Sales Emails helps you experience connection, ease, and confidence with your ideal clients.

It gives you a solid email-writing foundation:

Easy-to-follow instruction on HOW to fit your offer and brand voice into the templates.

The tutorials are structured to take you through the email-writing process from start to finish, so you know exactly what to do.

In short, I’m letting you “eat the cookie dough out of the bowl while I bake,” so to speak.

When someone asks, “Where did you learn to bake so well, er, write emails so well?”


You’ll respond, I grew up watching my mom, er, I looked over Mia’s shoulder while she wrote them for me.”


“I had seen samples of Mia’s work before and was struggling to write for my business launch so I contacted someone I respected and knew would be a good fit for my business. Many of our competitors look exactly the same so I wanted something that would make us stand out. The overall look and feel is unique and catered to our business; now our copy sets us apart from our competitors, showing we place thought and care into what we do. I love the finished product!”

Mollie | Summit

What’s so great about looking over Mia’s shoulder?

Aside from the sparrow tattoo on my back, there’s nothing much to see.

But when it comes to copywriting, I’m like an old woman in a rocking chair, sharing my wisdom from life experience with the young-uns around the fire.

Before copywriting, I studied Linguistics and Creative Writing and was a teacher for 8 years. 

I started writing copy after 2 years of backpacking Europe, when I ended up stranded in Serbia with no money.

With – $0 in my bank account, I had zilch to invest in learning copywriting, so my education was at the mercy of Google Search Engine and various agency owners I freelanced for.

Email Copywriting Course
Once I started making a bit of money, I invested in industry leaders to learn copywriting, messaging, marketing, and sales.

Since then, results have looked like…

  • Hitting 50-70% email open rates for my client Sabrina
  • Alison selling passive courses from a sales page she didn’t even promote
  • Emily hit an $11K month on her first course launch EVER
  • Chantell signing 2 new high ticket clients right after re-writing her sales page
  • Thomas doubling his web traffic by 2.5x in one year
  • Allowing Kathryn to step back from marketing to hire a new team member during her launch
  • And making and breaking some record revenues in my own business!

But the numbers aren’t really what matters.

It’s the lives changed.

⚡️The women who’ve learned to end diet culture and love their bodies through my client’s art therapy work, 

⚡️The women who’ve gotten back into running after postpartum depression, through my client’s running coaching, 

⚡️The moms who’ve been able to quit their jobs and earn money while staying at home with their kids, 

⚡️Women with trauma and hurt, who have connected with their true selves and found their life’s passion through my client’s spiritual coaching…

…Because I’m not copywriting just to make money (even though money’s great!).

I’m copywriting to empower people towards change. 

Changes that make them healthy, wealthy, and happy. 

So they can turn around and help others do the same.

"I was trying to launch my first ever course and felt completely terrified and overwhelmed at the thought of making a sales page! I knew I needed guidance and really loved Mia’s sales pages so I signed up with her. She gave me direction on where to improve on my page to increase sales. Thanks for all your help Mia! To anyone thinking about signing up...go for it!"

Emily | Canva & Branding Educator

So Sleaze-Free Sales Emails Is Only the Right Fit For You If

You’re an online entrepreneur who’s committed to creating real change to make the world a better place

You’d rather lick a toilet seat than send sleazy, bro-tactic-y emails that push people into purchases they’re not ready for

You care for your clients deeply and want to build a community of badass, abundant women

Pushy, obnoxious sales copy ain’t your thang. You’d rather market and sell consensually. In a way that empowers you and your reader

You’ve never been readier for passive income. You’re dying to take an actual stress-free vacation without obsessing about your biz. 100% of the time🙄

You want to spend less time in the trenches of your business, and are ready to set up some email sequences to put that shiz on automate!

"I took the course because I wanted to learn some techniques for how to get clients. After talking with Mia I felt safe that I would get something out of this and I did! Through the course, I gained confidence because I know more on the subject and feel inspired! Mia has valuable first hand experience. She teaches effectively, honestly, straight to the point, while also with a sense of humour.”

Ragnhild | Former Student

Humor me for a sec. Picture this:

You’ve fully claimed your identity as a baller email copywriter (even if you never, in a million years, thought you’d say that)

Your launch sequences bring in hella traffic to your sales page, with easy conversions (primed and warmed up like an oven just waiting to bake some chocolate-chip goodness)

You repurpose your high performing emails into Insta captions, Tweets, and LinkedIn posts - saving you buttloads of time

You buy this low time commitment, high results-yielding course and you continue to use these resources for MONTHS (if not years) to write emails that make you money on repeat

You consistently write copy that is playful, laid-back, real, and fun (just like you are IRL)

Your emails are aligned and feel like YOU, and your audience slurps it up like Lady and the Tramp eat spaghetti (so cute!)

It’s the best feeling ever not to start from scratch, right!?

Launch Email Templates

Quick Recap of What You’re Getting

sales emails

10 Tutorials & How-To's

So you can understand what you’re writing, then replicate them in the future. (Without all your emails sounding somewhat fishy – i.e. pretty much the same.)

Worksheets, Guides, & Cheatsheets

To help you process the information and cement it in your brain for future use – all without taking up too much time during your holidays

7 Sales Email Templates

Each with guidance on how to adapt it to your own brand voice and your own unique offer


Downsell Email Template for those who didn’t buy


Market Research Email Template to get raw feedback on what worked (& didn’t work) during your launch

(Or 2 payments of $50)

"Mia’s an outstanding copywriter with skills to match the best out there. She understands persuasive selling and can seduce readers with powerful ad copy. To top it up, she’s a pleasure to with…even under pressure."

Ronnie | Vertiklik

The One Time Recycling Is a Bad Thing

When I was a new copywriter, I would buy templates from big-name copywriters, my eyes bright and full of hope from their high promising sales copy – only to realize they were just copy/pasted, reused emails from their last launch. 

I was left on my own to relate that to my business and how I could make it work for me. That’s why I’ve made templates that are made just for Sleaze-Free Sales Emails. 

It’s also why I’ve included tutorials and worksheets to educate you on developing this skill for yourself. To create email sequences of your own for all your future launches.

I know time is your most valuable resource.

That’s why Sleaze-Free Sales Emails allows you to spend as much ~or as little~ time inside as you want.

If you wanna dig right into the templates, plugging and playing Mad Libs style, you’ll still get great results.

If you wanna dive into the worksheets for some quick “idea cheat sheets,” you’ll be happy with what you glean from there.

Of course, watching the tutorials along with all the resources will get you maximum results. That’s obviously the best option. 😉

My goal is for you to make a big sweep of impact in your industry…without consuming your precious time in the process.

And I think it’s yours too.

(The juicy revenue jolt ain’t bad either.)

copywriting with confidence
copywriting with confidence