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Launch Copywriting

Serve your offer on a silver platter. Walk away in a money coma.

So you’re planning a new offer.

You’re so excited because you KNOW your audience needs it.

The value to your clients will be limitless.

You’ll get the massive income boost you’ve been needing for so long.

But you’re terrified. 

“My launch will fall flat.”

“I’ll do all this work and won’t sell a thing.”

“I’ll want to melt through the floor in shame and disappointment.”

When I do your launch copywriting, I’ll banish those fears to the garbage disposal.

But I don’t know what I need to include in my launch for the best results.

That’s what our initial strategy call is for. I’ll ask you the deep questions about your project and get to know your offer intimately. I’ll make custom recommendations based on your business and budget.

I don’t want to pay for anything I don’t need. 

That’s why you get to mix and match. Don’t have an email list? Skip the sequence. Or the Facebook ads. It’s your choice.

You’ll get the essential components for a mind-blowing launch, without wasting time and money on anything you don’t need.

Your Launch’s Sustenance: The Non-Negotiable Main Course

Kickoff Intensive (1 hour)

On top of your free initial 30-minute strategy session, you’ll get an intensive kickoff call where I get real cozy with your business.

I explain the phases of a successful launch and ask the deep questions to find out exactly how to customize your unique launch to get powerful results.

Brand Voice Questionnaire

You cannot expect results without authenticity. The #1 way to achieve that is through mastering your brand voice.

Your copy won’t convert if it sounds like me. It has to sound like you. That’s why I’ve designed an in-depth questionnaire.

When you’re done, your copy will sound more like you than it ever has before. 

Pre-Launch Market Research

You can have the best idea in the world, and the coolest offer ever. But if you’re audience doesn’t need it, you won’t make a dime.

The only way to know you’re set up for success is market research. This can be time-consuming and challenging to find the right questions. But I’ve got your back.

Long Form Sales Page

The bread and butter of every launch. You cannot launch without a powerful sales page.

This is where you combine your clients’ deepest desires with their most frustrating nightmares. You soothe their objections while proving you’re the only option for the job. This is literally your money maker so it has to be good.

I was made for this task. I got you covered.

Launch Side Dishes to Boost a Healthy New Income

Email Sequence

8 emails to warm up your audience, hype them for the new offer, tease with some insider views, and have them drooling at the mouth by the time your cart is open.


Social Media Promotion Strategy

Don’t go by the seat of your pants.

Post consistently every week with confidence.

Know the value and purpose of each post, breathing easy as each one fulfills its strategic purpose in your launch.


Social Media Captions

That winning strategy from the Launch Side Dishes won’t do any good if your captions don’t use techniques that stop the scroll, tell your story, and inspire the audience to take action.

Facebook Ad Copy

If you’re going to spend money on Facebook ads, they need to do their job. You want targeted ads that bring more eyes to your website.

What you place in your ad is critical for that targeted ad to really hit the mark and get that click through rate.

Facebook Ad Design

The image and design of your Facebook ad is just as important as the copy. If you don’t have the right colors, fonts, images, and/or illustrations, you won’t make a wave.

My designer knows her way around an advertisement and can evoke the change you want to see.

Indulge in a Cake-Topping Launch Dessert

Private Invite Messaging Template

For those hot leads you’re almost sure will buy your offer, you’ll need a customizable, successful script to send them that private invite that closes the deal.


Testimonial Guide for References Up the Wazoo

One of the most overlooked and under-utilized selling methods, testimonials can do what nothing else in your copywriting can do: they show your work in action.

But if you want to avoid generic copouts that say you were a pleasure to work with with no further details, you’ll need this sales-converting testimonial worksheet.

launch copywriting

How Much Will This Cost?

You’re not a cookie-cutter brand that fits in a predefined box. And I wouldn’t dream of treating you that way. Every project has a unique goal and a tailored process, so prices vary accordingly.

The best way to get an accurate price quote is to schedule an initial call with me.

I offer a Scot-Free 30-minute call to learn about your business, explain what it’s like to work with me, and quote an accurate price based on the plan we come up with.

I’ll tell it to you straight. 

You’re here to make a difference in people’s lives, right? (If not, we won’t be working together. I’m not about that greed.)

So if your offer doesn’t land on the right ears with authenticity and impactful conversion strategies (NOT manipulative tactics – there’s a difference), you may as well not even put it out there.

If you’re not confident in your ability to deliver, OR if you don’t have the necessary time to dedicate, you need me to write your launch copy.

So why are you still sitting there? It’s time to take action.

Let me make your business the sensation it should be.

I'm ready to tilt the balance

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