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Services: LAUNCH COPY for coaches

Serve your offer on a silver platter. Walk away in a money coma.

launch copy for coaches

So you’re planning a new offer.

You’re so excited because you KNOW your audience needs it.

The value to your clients will be limitless.

You’ll get the massive income boost you’ve been needing for so long.

But you’re terrified. 

“My launch will fall flat.”

“I’ll do all this work and won’t sell a thing.”

“I’ll want to melt through the floor in shame and disappointment.”

When I write your launch copy, I’ll banish those fears to the garbage disposal.


Insurance Agent | SAGE solutions
launch copy testimonial

“Many of our competitors look exactly the same so I wanted something that would make us stand out. Now our copy sets us apart from our competitors.”

“I had seen samples of Mia’s work before and was struggling to write for my business launch so I contacted someone I respected and knew would be a good fit for my business. Many of our competitors look exactly the same so I wanted something that would make us stand out. The overall look and feel is unique and catered to our business; now our copy sets us apart from our competitors, showing we place thought and care into what we do. I love the finished product!”

Mix n’ Match from the Launch Copy Menu

You’ll get the essential components for a mind-blowing launch, without wasting time and money on anything you don’t need.

But what if I have no idea what I need for my launch?

Don’t worry. I’ve created a free launch copy guide to walk you through your launch and help you figure out what you need.

Read the guide here:

What Is Launch Copy? Your Guide to Hiring a Copywriter

Launch Starters

Choose ONE of the following

Sales Page

Get the sales page that makes you feel proud of your incredible offer and brings dream clients to your doorstep like zombies to fresh meat.

Email Sequence

No more pathetic open rates that don’t get results! I’ll write a sales sequence that gets clients in your discovery calls and scales your income massively during your course launches and group programs.

Social Media Captions

Save 20+ hours during your launch when I do market research interviews with your clients and write 20 captions that hype and SELL your offer.  These captions will sound just like you and convert better than if you’d written them yourself.

Each starter comes with:

My signature Brand Questionnaire that gives you clarity on your ideal clients and your offer and helps me write copy that sounds like you and shines with authenticity.

1-hour Kickoff Call where we’ll dive deep into the nitty-gritty of your launch. I’ll get the info I need to optimize your copy for sales.

Pre-launch market research where I interview past clients and ideal clients to get inside their heads and write sales copy that speaks directly to them.

1 free round of revisions to make sure your copy aligns with your vision and represents your personal brand.

Investment starting at 3 payments of $355 or 1 payment of $997.

Your Launch’s Main Dish & a Side

Main Dish: Sales Page

This is the bread and butter of your launch – your main money maker.

The right sales page can help you blast through your current income limits and help you reach new levels you’ve only dreamed of.


Choose ONE of the following to drive traffic to your sales page, get signups for your waitlist, and land sales calls with ideal clients.

Email Sales Sequence (8 emails)

Social Media Captions that CONVERT (20 captions)

Facebook Ads for hot new leads (4 ads with designs)

Investment starting at 3 payments of $635 or 1 payment of $1777.

Save $217 with this option!

Launch Copy Dessert

Indulge your authentic impact.

launch copywriting

Copywriting Intensive

Do you love writing copy but need an extra pair of eyes on your work to make sure it will convert?

Are you halfway into your sales page, blinking like a deer in the headlights saying, Help!?

Are you an early entrepreneur and need to make sales…but on a budget?

Then the 90-minute Intensive is for you.

Step into my Copy Clinic where I’ll diagnose and analyze your copy to find out what needs patching up. 

What you’ll get:

– Access to my signature Brand Questionnaire for clarity on your brand voice, target audience, and positioning your offer

– 90 minutes with me (1:1), fully customized for whatever copy you bring to the table

Here some examples of what we can do in the session:

  • I’ll give you feedback on your DIY copy
  • We’ll map out your content marketing strategy or launch strategy
  • I’ll teach you copy techniques for better conversions

– Recorded copy of our session together

– Next Steps checklist, outlining your next action steps

Investment: $397

Today’s price: $287

Copy Edit

Do you love writing copy but need an extra pair of eyes on it to make sure it will convert?

Are you an early entrepreneur and need to make sales on a budget?

I offer a refresh on your website or sales page like a dose of caffeine to a Monday morning.

Investment: $397 per page


Melody | Photographer
copywriter for coaches

“Mia set up an Instagram strategy that actually reached out to people who wanted my photography.”

I was getting hundreds of new followers on Instagram but none of them were actually turning into clients. I didn’t really know what to post to say, “Hey, you can actually hire me!” Mia set up an Instagram strategy that actually reached out to people who wanted my photography so I didn’t feel so frustrated every time I posted. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s trying to get results from all the posting.

Launch Menu of the Day

Main Dish | 2 Sides | Dessert

Our house recommendation. Order this to get the best results from your launch.

Main Dish

House Special

1 high energy, high converting sales page

**You know that next level you’ve been trying to reach (but falling short of) in your income and business? This sales page will help you get there.


Choose TWO of the following

Launch sequence or welcome sequence that builds your passive income and helps you scale (8 emails)

Social media captions that sell on their own (20 captions)

Facebook ads that sell low-ticket offers and bring hot new leads for your high ticket programs (4 ads with design)


Choose ONE of the following

Launch trigger landing page (for your webinar, challenge, etc.) to grow your email list and fill your waitlist

90-minute Copywriting Intensive to make sure your DIY copy converts

Copy edit to refresh your already-written copy and make sure it SELLS (1 page)

Investment: 3 payments of $1130 or 1 payment of $3150

Save $238+ with this option!

“I didn’t realize just how much help I was going to get from Mia.”

AK | Recycled Streetwear Designer

“I came to Mia looking for an about page and she really helped me uncover some strategies for my brand, that I didn’t even realize I needed.”

Watch this video to see the rest of AK’s kind review of my work! 

launch copy testimonial

I’m your launch copy waitress.

My Copywriting Process:

You schedule a free 30-minute discovery call.

You tell me your big plans for your upcoming offer.

I learn all about your launch, your business, your vision, and get super excited about supporting you.

At the end of the call, I give you my professional opinion: what you need from the Launch Menu, what I can do for you, and price quote.

I send you the Brand Voice Questionnaire.

We do our Kickoff Intensive, where we go deep with a strategy and I learn everything I need to know to do my research.

You get to focus on other things while I do my research and writing.

I send you the finished version with a video explaining what I’ve done.

We meet for a final 30-minute call where you explain any edits you want to make. I offer one free re-write for each service.

I’ll check up on you in 2 weeks to see how it’s going and celebrate your wins.

I’ll tell it to ya straight.

You’re here to make a difference in people’s lives, right? (If not, we won’t be working together. I’m not about that greed.)

So if your offer doesn’t land on the right ears with authenticity and impactful conversion strategies (NOT manipulative tactics – there’s a difference), you may as well not even put it out there.

If you’re not confident in your ability to deliver, OR if you don’t have the necessary time to dedicate, you need me to write your launch copy.

So why are you still sitting there? It’s time to take action.

launch copy for coaches

Still not sure what you need for your upcoming launch?

Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to tell me about your offer and get my recommendation on what to prioritize to get the best bang for your buck.

launch copy for coaches
launch copy for coaches

Let me make your business the sensation it should be.

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