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Your Launch & Marketing Strategy ARTIST

Harnessing spiritual coaches’ magnetism to BLOW UP your results

Former sales copywriter and launch strategist for multi-6 and 7-figure coaches. Now coaching, teaching, and co-creating energetic copywriting and marketing.

This blend of witchy spirituality, combined with high level strategy is the reason so many of my clients have:

🪐 Doubled their million-dollar revenue in 9 months of working together, 

🪐 Gone from $100k launches to $500k+ launches in just a year, 

🪐 Launched their books and became Amazon bestsellers, 

🪐 Took their in-person reiki business online and maintained their 6-figure income, Stepped into their MOST authentic, unapologetic brand presence, which made them magnetic to insane levels of personal growth and income.

So if you’re into marketing your business from a lens of inner work/emotional resilience/meeting yourself in the depths to create from a place of deep alignment and creativity,

And if you want to play BIG, and do so in a grounded, cyclical way that honors your spirituality, nervous system, and intuitive genius,

…Then let’s create some magic together.

Satiate your bottomless hunger for learning

Master the skills to explode your business and compound your results.


Super-charge your results with a quick, deep, week-long intensive

the intensive
The Content Circle

Delve into intimate community and  sharpen your skills  through mentoring


Go all in with personalized, customized EVERYTHING in my private coaching

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Massively up-level your  messaging

Sign MORE clients who: Are FAST ACTION TAKERS, love to invest themselves, and are ready to do the work⚡️


“With Mia’s help, we had our largest launch ever: $500k+! And we figured out how to understand why people don’t sign up, and learned to address fears or pain points going forward. She has been the best copywriter we’ve ever used and there’s no one else we’d recommend.”

Raya Schwartz
Raya Schwartz
Esthetician Business Coach

“Mia is a word magician and perfectly alchemizes big concepts into everyday life. Her skills have breathed life into my marketing in such an intelligent and beautiful way. It was incredibly illuminating and helpful to share my vision and how to better connect with my ideal client.”

Dorothy Knight
Dorothy Knight
Spiritual Coach & Reiki Trainer