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My Copywriting: Your Clients’ Bartender, Best Friend, and Therapist

The bartender listens without judgment, picking up clues along the way. 

The best friend shares inside jokes and lets loose on a Friday night. 

The therapist has solutions, pointing to all the right answers.

If you’re an adventurous and creative entrepreneur, we’ll be a great fit for each other. I’ve been an ESL teacher, artist, activist, and linguist. I channel these passions to help meaningful creators leave their impact on this world. 

I’ll make your brand shine to the right people.

What Clients Are Saying

Get to know me and my partner Filip.

Mia: Outdoor Enthusiast & Unstoppably Creative Writer

Portland, Oregon

I’m a creative through and through. I spent years trying to sell my illustrations and drawings, with little results.

Then I discovered copywriting. I learned that I could actually make a successful business out of my art! It just takes the right mix of brand strategy, Search Engine Optimization, and creative uniqueness.

Now, my mission is to help other creative entrepreneurs use their passion to build a successful business. I’ll find what makes you stand out and set you above the pack.

Filip: Tech Activist & Startup Strategist (aka the nerd of this operation)

Belgrade, Serbia

“In Serbia, it’s not easy to start a business. I grew up watching incredible entrepreneurs get bypassed because they start with nothing.

That background forced me to learn how to show the world the unique value I bring to my field. Because of my original perspective, I see things others overlook. 

I’ve co-founded 10 impact-driven organizations that help the little guy find a place at the table. I love making small businesses triumph.”

You guys are awesome. 

I want to work with you.

Fun Facts

I met Filip in June 2019 during my two-year backpacking trip.

Our Corona Love Stories project earned us live TV appearances in 3 countries.

I dabble in illustration and graphic design. I did the illustrations on our site. 

Filip is self-learning front-end web development. He built our website. 

My favorite song is “Heroes,” by David Bowie.

Filip’s ideal way to spend an evening is all night on the dancefloor. 

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