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Launch Copywriting Course

Multiply Your Impact

Multiply Your Kindred Spirit, Soul-Connected Clients

Multiply your Money, 

Personal Fulfillment, 

and your self expression

All through the power of effective copywriting

Write your launch copy from top to bottom and get the best results you’ve ever had.

During this up-close group mentoring ,

You’ll see copywriting as the part of your launch that is FUN,

That is an expression of your most authentic self,

A way for you to get the genius and passion in your heart onto the pages of your launch copy,

And a consistently overflowing BIG money-maker for your business.

Marketing and Selling With Your Copy Doesn’t Have to Feel So Stressful

And it doesn’t have to feel forced.

Let’s say you set aside 5 hours to write your launch copy. 

🌿You’ve got your candles lit.

🌿 Your piping hot cup of coffee. 

…3 hours later…

You’re on other coaches’ sales pages for “inspiration,” which turns into a comparison spiral…

…Which turns into googling for email templates…

…Which turns into posting on your stories…

Maybe you think it’s because you’re “just not good at writing.” Or, “you write, but you don’t do well with structure.”

Nope. This has nothing to do with your identity. You’re not a “PROCRASTINATOR.”

The REAL source of the issue are questions like these: 

“How can I communicate the value of my offer in a clear way?” 

“Am I really saying what they NEED to hear, or am I just making it up?” 

“Am I pushing too hard and being too sleazy?” 

“Why can’t I make this sound like ME??”

Copywriting Is a HUGE Part of Your Marketing…

Maybe More Than Anything Else!

I bet you would love for it to not feel like such a chore.

I bet you would love…

You would love for imagery-filled analogies

To pepper your sales page, emails, and social media.

As an impactful entrepreneur, the change you facilitate is complex. If you want to communicate its immense value to the people who need it…

You’re going to NEED clear copy and messaging that makes the transformation obvious! 

Your copy deserves to be filled with rich, engaging storytelling that connects deeply with your kindred spirit ideal clients. In a way that summons them to you. 


The way a wolf calls in her pack. Or a whale sings out to its soulmate. A lion roars into the night. 

Because when inspiration flows from your soul and onto the page…it’s RAW. 

Even animalistic.

Compelling copywriting is like a force of nature, and there’s no choice but for your destiny clients to flow into your program.

Dorothy Knight Copywriting Testimonial
copywriting testimonial

So Get Ready to MULTIPLY

Here’s my formula for Sleaze-Free Sales Copy that speaks to your ideal clients’ soul, and makes you $$$:

1. Emotion-evoking storytelling,

2. Shared values (between you and your ideal client)

3. Energetically-aligned self expression,

4. Psychology-based frameworks that make your offer clear and compelling.

During your time inside MULTIPLY, I’ll teach and mentor you to:

Nail. That. Formula.

You’ll emerge with ALL the copy for your next launch:


Optimized for sales and conversions,

Shaped and molded to your soul’s self expression,

Reviewed by me and the intimate community of impact-obssessed entrepreneurs inside.

The Launch Library

Lifetime access to the recorded trainings. 

6 months access to the copy coaching. 

Dive in. Take what you need, when you need it. Save the rest for later. 

My Methodology

A mixture of live and recorded trainings from me on how to write every aspect of your launch: 

Sales page, launch email sequence, opt-in page for your webinar/challenge, and Facebook ads. (Plus market research and energetic alignment!)

Bi-weekly Copy Coaching

Every other week will be a copy coaching session, where you can ask alllll your questions and bring your copy for review and feedback from me.

Copy Reviews

You’ll be part of a private Facebook group where I’ll support you 5 DAYS A WEEK. If you need an emergency copy review, I’ll be there on the double. 

Resources Galore!

There will be PLENTY of outlines and cheatsheets so you can save time and never have to start from scratch.

Channeled Meditations

You’ll get 3 recorded meditations that I have channeled and used for my clients’ launches, which got them mind-blowing results. (We’re talking 6-figure launches.)


I recorded them for your benefit so you can do the energetic activation work that is SO necessary for launching in alignment.

Brand Clarity Questionnaire

I’m including access to my signature Brand Clarity Questionnaire, that I give to all my done-for-you clients when we start working together. Everyone who has done this Questionnaire has told me how helpful it was to give them clarity on their message, mission, and ideal clients! 

BONUS ADDED: Lifetime access to my email course: Sleaze-Free Sales Emails

A step-by-step guide to writing sales emails from start to finish. 9 fill-in-the-blank templates are included. (Each lesson is roughly 15 minutes long – perfect for you if you’re short on time.)

Investment: $1197

OR: 2 payments of $629 

New payment plan added! 6 monthly payments of $222

Allow me to guide you through this process so you can

Multiply Your Impact

Multiply Your Kindred Spirit, Soul-Connected Clients

Multiply your Money, 

Personal Fulfillment, 

and your self expression


10% of all profits go to Ukrainian and Afghan refugees.

“Mia is a breath of fresh air – and a massive asset to my business.”

“I consider copy to be an integral part of growing a successful business. A prime way to create connection with our prospective clients, and convert them into paying clients. 

As such, apart from occasional sales and landing pages, I’ve been writing my own copy for years, and very successfully. 

The only problem? I was – at times – getting overwhelmed with the amount of copy needing to be written. Some copy projects were being pushed down, because ‘I don’t have capacity right now.’

And then I was recommended to Mia.

Hiring her was one of the best business decisions I made this year.

Not only does she write effective copy – something you’d expect from any great copywriter. I found she writes better copy then myself, the one who feels every pulse of heart of my business. 

And that amazed me. Perhaps I’ve been giving myself a little too much credit when it comes to writing powerful copy. But the truth is, I’ve never had this strong experience with a copywriter before. 

She incorporates energetics and copywriting techniques – something that goes hand in hand with my business values. I believe it’s why her copy often gives me a goosebumps… and converts so well! 

Having Mia on my team – what a relief, what a find!

I recommend Mia to everyone who wants to:

a) Learn the magic of powerful energetic copywriting 

b) Grow efficiency of their business teams.

She is a rare talent, and a great asset.”

copywriting testimonial

~ Lenka Lutonska, The Limitless Millionaire Mentor

What Happens When You Sign Up

Here’s the Breakdown of Our Itinerary:

As soon as you sign up, you get access to everything in the Launch Library. Recorded trainings, Facebook group…the whole kaboodle. As new trainings get recorded/go live, you’ll get instant access to those too.

You can attend as many (or as few) of the live copy coaching sessions as you want/need. You’ll also get access to previously recorded coaching so you can learn from the questions others have asked. 

The deal is: Lifetime access to all trainings and resources in the Launch Library. 6 months access to the copy coaching.

Entrance is revolving – which means if you sign up today – your copy coaching will last until 6 months from today! 

Note: I won’t be available for support from August 28th – September 2nd (7 days).

Resources & Trainings (Already In the Library)

Market Research & Energetic Alignment

  • What questions to ask your ideal clients so you can write copy that resonates deeply with them
  • What questions to ask yourself, so you can always express your authentic self
  • Guided meditation/visualization to connect with your ideal clients on an energetic level

Write Your Sales Page

  • My simple, yet effective sales page outline, with lots of examples to tailor it to your service
  • Walkthrough of a sample sales page, so you can see how it all fits together smoothly

Resources & Trainings (On Their Way to the Library)

New content added every week until the library is full!

Write Your Email Sequence

  • What emails to include in your launch sequence
  • The structure of a high-selling, storytelling email
  • Different formulas and outlines to add variety and make you memorable

Write Your Webinar-Challenge Opt-in Page

  • The structure of an opt-in page that gets lots of signups! 
  • Walkthrough of a sample page, so you can see how it all flows together smoothly

Write Your Facebook Ads

  • The structure of scroll-stopping ad copy 
  • How to make it mouth-watering and irresistible
  • Shaping your message so you de-select non-ideal clients (aka “freebie seekers”)

BONUS ADDED: Lifetime access to my email course: Sleaze-Free Sales Emails

A step-by-step guide to writing sales emails from start to finish. 9 fill-in-the-blank templates are included. (Each lesson is roughly 15 minutes long – perfect for you if you’re short on time.)

Launch Copywriting Course

Multiply Your Impact

Multiply Your Kindred Spirit, Soul-Connected Clients

Multiply your Money, 

Personal Fulfillment, 

and your self expression

it's time TO MULTIPLY

If you change your mind, you’ll get a refund.

If you sign up for MULTIPLY, dig into the Launch Library, and realize this isn’t the right fit for you, we’ll refund your money. 

Just send my team an email WITHIN 5 DAYS and we’ll get your refund processed.

Copywriting Testimonial
Sales Page Workshop

A Heart-to Heart Conversation,

From One Impact-Obssessed Entrepreneur to Another

Who’s this “Aligned Copwriting Coach?”

A few years ago, I hit rock bottom in my life. I had been backpacking Europe for 2 years. Which may sound like a dream…

But I wasn’t happy. I was searching. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was searching for myself. I didn’t know what I cared about. Or what I stood for. 

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I’d had a million different jobs and no interest in returning to any of them. 

I searched for so long, I ran out of money in Serbia!

With no way to get home and no way to support myself, I was full of anxiety and I was scared. I took on a freelance copywriting gig to make some money. 

During the next year, I hustled and scrapped my way out of the hole I was in, and managed to build a freelance copywriting business (all while sleeping on couches without a home of my own).

Launch Checklist

As soon as I had enough money to support myself, I signed up for online therapy.

I showed up every week for 2 years. There, I learned about self compassion. I faced the traumas from my childhood. I began to accept myself for who I really am – not the version of myself I had created for others’ approval. I dug DEEP into mindset work and energy work. 

And then I said, “I need to find more fulfillment in my work. How can I express my SELF in this copywriting business?” 

Every morning, I was meditating and channeling these incredible, vivid energetic journeys. I decided to start playing with those journeys and channel my ideal clients. 

Not only was that FUN . . .

…It gave me delicious insights to put into my copy. 

My clients were getting incredible results in their launches, I was fully booked…

Launch Copywriting Course

As a Teacher and Mentor, I Help You Do the Same With YOUR Life’s Calling.

BY THE WAY . . .

Developing Your Copywriting Skills Won’t JUST  Be Useful In Your Upcoming Launch!

Launch Copywriting Course

The copywriting process helps you get clear on who you are and what you have to offer the world (major confidence booster).

It attracts your soul’s kindred spirits. Not just in terms of people who will pay you for services (although it does that – and WELL). But lifelong friends and collaborators who will be there for you in your journey.

(Many of my clients have become dear friends, mentors, cheerleaders, and REFERRAL PARTNERS.)

You’ll get to know yourself better. (Possibly the best gift you can ever give yourself.)

Copywriting Testimonial Erin Nicole Porter
Launch Copywriting Course

You then trailblaze the way for your clients to follow in your footsteps.

It’s a deeply healing and exhilarating way to evolve your business into an expression of you and your life’s purpose.

I’d be honored to help you write 

Sleaze-Free Sales Copy

That speaks to your ideal client’s soul, and makes you $$$


10% of all profits go to Ukrainian and Afghan refugees.

Copywriting testimonial
Copywriting testimonial

As Humans, We Are Drawn to Those Who Express Their Most Authentic Selves

Think Frida Kahlo. 

Think Lady Gaga. 

Think RuPaul. 

We all LONG to be ourselves no matter what the cost. So we gravitate towards those who are living their truth, no matter what. 

What if you could become the next Frida, Gaga, or RuPaul? 

Launch Copywriting Course

What if you could DRAW in those people who are longing for a leader in their business or their industry?  Someone who can be genuine in the midst of people comparing and making themselves small and hiding their power. 

What if your marketing could say, 

“Hey. This is ME. This is what I stand for. You’re welcome to join if you want. If not, I’m still gonna be over here doing my thing.”

Your aligned community won’t be able to resist that. 

Sure, you’ll get judged. 

Sure, some people will unfollow you or wonder what the heck got into you.😂 

But when you’re enjoying your authentic, delicious self, you can wrap yourself up in your own praise and your own validation and keep being yourself anyway! 

In the meantime, your soul connected clients will come racing to you all the more.

The Sleaze-Free Sales Copy I teach can do that.

so let's multiply
Launch Copywriting Course
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Launch Copywriting Course
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Launch Copywriting Course
Copywriting Testimonial

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