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From Scroll to Sale

FREE Copywriting Masterclass

An intensive copywriting crash course to help you convert clients and make sales with your copy

Walk away with a comprehensive copywriting strategy. 

Know what you need to do to convert clients consistently.

From Scroll to Sale is ready for you! Play, replay, binge like it’s Ginny and Georgia…you do you.

You’ll take your writing from content to clients

Your audience from browsers to buyers

From curious to converting…

You get the idea. And I know you’re beyond ready for it.

I may not know where you live, but I do know where you are right now.

*Insert scary music*

You’re struggling to attract paying clients. 

You’re able to connect with your audience but none of them are actually buying what you’re selling.

You see yourself as a good or creative writer, but you don’t actually know the difference between strong and weak copy.

You double-check, triple-check, and quadruple-check your content before posting, not knowing if it will convert.

You struggle to sell yourself in your copy because you don’t want your audience to get a pushy, BUY NOW, salesy vibe from you.

And I’m gonna be brutally honest with you. 

If you don’t change the way things are going with your copy, you’re going to keep spending hours in content creation, and still not get any clients. 

Just posting consistently and showing up does not mean your business will grow the way you want it to. Without converting copywriting, you won’t get far. 

After months and months of trying, you’ll eventually lose confidence in your skills and your offer and second-guess if running a business is even right for you. 

You won’t reach your monthly goals and that 9-5 job you hate will start to look pretty good. 

And that’s just not ok. 

You started with a dream and I want to help you make that happen.

That’s why I’m offering this FREE live masterclass, From Scroll to Sale.

In just 1 hour, I’ll teach you my signature copywriting framework that lands me consistent clients every month and helps my clients get signups, sales, and discovery calls from dream clients. 

This won’t be another class that throws random copy tips at the audience. This copywriting intensive will unravel the layers of converting copy and show you a step by step process to getting clients. 

No question marks. No empty holes. 

From Scroll to Sale is ready for you! Play, replay, binge like it’s Ginny and Georgia…you do you.

You’ll take your writing from content to clients

Your audience from browsers to buyers

From curious to converting…

You get the idea. And I know you’re beyond ready for it.

Not my first rodeo: Here's what past masterclass students are saying

“I took the course because I wanted to learn some techniques for how to get clients. After talking with Mia I felt safe that I would get something out of this and I did! Through the course, I gained confidence because I know more on the subject and feel inspired! Mia has valuable first hand experience. She teaches effectively, honestly, straight to the point, while also with a sense of humour.”

Ragnhild | Masterclass Student

“I am a writer who is exploring capitalizing on this skillset. I took the course to garner an understanding about what this process takes to launch, succeed and for general information. It went above and beyond my expectations. There was so much value I felt like I was getting 3-for-1. Mia helped to demystify the challenges and issues that may come up as you navigate this industry. Mia built her business from the ground up and she has so much valuable knowledge to convey and is really competent at it.”

Sheba | Masterclass Student

I’ll be the copy shaman

to your client conversion


After freelance copywriting for 3 different digital marketing agencies in 2019, I started my own copywriting business in February 2020. 

I went from struggling to find clients, to charging too little for too demanding clients, to landing consistent, high-paying clients in just one year. 

As a former teacher, the only logical thing to do was to combine my passion for transferring knowledge and my zeal for writing words that sell, and teaching you how to convert and sell through copywriting.

You’ll get some gossip-worthy details about me in the masterclass.

What You’ll Get in Scroll to Sale:

It’s as simple as ABC

A: Your ideal clients are scrollin’ the gram. 

B: Your copywriting captures and seduces them (with full consent).

C: You get a sale. 

Bonus: Rinse and repeat.

  • I’ll be teaching you my 3-step framework to writing persuasive, powerful copy in every aspect of your business. 
  • We’ll hone in on writing your web copy, social media captions, and sales pages. 
  • You’ll learn how to write convincing copy and deliver it in an authentic, genuine way that feels good to you and your clients (no sketchy BUY NOW vibes). 
  • You’ll leave with a rock hard copywriting strategy that you can put to use right away. 
  • You’ll hear about how I went from emoji-only comments on my social media to actual dms and discovery calls and the secret to how I did it.

Ready to start getting signups and sales?

Now I’m gonna read your mind one more time.

You’re thinking, this is just a ploy to snag my email address and send me spammy emails. 

I’ll be totally upfront with you. I will be announcing the new release of Copywriting with Confidence, my self-paced copywriting course which will go more in-depth with my copywriting framework. 

But I promise you: From Scroll to Sale is a no fluff, no BS masterclass and you will walk away with practical action steps to radically step up your copywriting game. 

When my students and clients get results from my instruction, I get a rush stronger than a Venti Starbucks Quad-Shot Macchiato (with extra caramel). 

With an addiction like that, do you really think I’d skimp on the results?

Just a couple weeks after writing a sales page for my client…

Think about it: You’ll be getting my framework that I used to get my client 3 new 1:1 clients in a matter of weeks. Without paying a single penny.

So what are you waiting for?