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Sales Copywriting: Bring Out the FOMO

As a coach, you’re that person in your client’s life that tells it to ’em straight. You lovingly point out the chinks in their armour and get out your tool kit to help them mend it.

But here’s the problem…sometimes people don’t know they need you. They think they can do it on their own by reading a few blogs and manifesting. 

And that’s why you need sales copywriting… aka bring out the FOMO. 

Correction: That’s where I bring out the FOMO, lay the transformation out like a red carpet before their very feet, and draw them to you like cat ladies to Grumpy Cat.

“Mia understands your vision and works with you, making it even better than you’ve imagined.”

I am a newborn photographer located in New Jersey. I’ve used Mia’s creative services in the past and I’ve been extremely satisfied with all aspects of my experience. From exceptional customer service, friendly personality, quick turnaround and polished final product I would recommend Mia to anyone. Mia understands your vision and works with you, making it even better than you’ve imagined. Mia listens, researches and turns your ideas into reality. I am so glad I’ve found her and I look forward to working on many more projects with her.

Aneta | Photographer
Aneta | Photographer
sales copywriting

So what’s the big deal about Mia?

Here’s the tale of a quirky, curmudgeonly, hairy-legged broad, who became a copywriter.

I go by many titles alongside ‘copywriter.’ Linguist, poet, and teacher to name a few. For many years, I struggled to find the right career to make me happy. 

When I practically stumbled into my first job as a copywriter, I knew it was fate. He picked up my papers, gazed into my eyes…just kidding. 

I did happen upon that first gig though. It was offered to me on a trial basis and I was naturally talented at sales copywriting. My poetry and linguistic history came into play – knowing what language to use for the right brands, packing a punch with limited space. Evoking emotional responses and spurring to action. It was right up my alley.

“Mia understands persuasive selling and can seduce readers with powerful ad copy.”

It was a pleasure having Mia on my writing team. She’s an outstanding copywriter with skills to match the best out there. She understands persuasive selling and can seduce readers with powerful ad copy. To top it up, she’s a pleasure to with…even under pressure.

Ronnie: Copy & Content Agency
Ronnie: Copy & Content Agency

But my journey wasn’t always that simple. 

I ran away from an abusive home as soon as I turned 18. My best friend helped me sneak out the back door and into a tiny room that I rented in a basement. I slept there after working long hours in a restaurant kitchen. 

After a lifetime of being told I wasn’t smart enough to do anything with my life, I was scared to go to college or pursue any kind of career. 

I followed the North Dakota oil boom of 2011 and made decent money as a waitress there. I dipped my toe in university, where I finished my first year. I got all A’s, despite working full time to support myself. 

That built a little confidence.

sales copywriting

Then I dropped out.

I was all packed for a road trip across the US when I decided last-minute to go back to Portland and finish university. 

There I met a wealthy older lady and became her personal assistant. We became dear friends and she constantly built up my self confidence. She admired my work, my personality, and encouraged me to do whatever I wanted with my life. 

And then she paid for me to finish university. I graduated at 26 knowing I was smart, capable, and could do anything I wanted. Thanks to Dolly, who believed in me and equipped me with the greatest tool I needed to face the world (again): confidence. <3

Dear Coaches,

You can change your clients’ lives the way Dolly changed mine. Let me help you empower humans to change the world from the inside out.

And in case you're wondering about my work style...

When I get a new project, I’m obsessed. I research everything about your business and your audience. 

In fact, I often spend 15 hours writing each sales page. My clients looove my work because it sounds just like them, only better. 

And let’s not forget about your biz success. When I work my sales copywriting magic on your launch, you close record cash deals and long-term relationships with clients who jive with your style.

I received this lovely letter from a client. I published the story of her and her partner, who have been apart during the Coronavirus. Here’s a piece of it:

copywriting for coaches

So take advantage of my obsession.

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