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Social Media Caption Writing: How to Get Clients on Instagram

Caption writing is one of the least talked about forms of copywriting but it’s a ringer. Getting clients on social media feels like the great unknown mystery to many entrepreneurs, but once you learn the art of converting caption writing you will be reeling in the clients in no time. 

How to Get Clients on Facebook…NOT!

5 Things You Should Not do While Caption Writing

Sometimes you have to get negative before you get positive. Here are the top 5 mistakes I see coaches and other entrepreneurs making in their Instagram captions (and how to avoid them). 

1. Don’t use over-complicated analogies or puns

Analogies can work really well to make your point but only if they’re easy to understand and make the connection. You don’t want your audience to get confused by analogies, you want the correlation to drive your point even deeper. 

social media caption writing

2. Don’t write anything you don’t need

When you’re writing in a conversational tone, it’s easy to get in conversation mode where you’re hopping from one topic to another with your friends. But when it comes to writing copy for social media, you need to stick to the point. 

So only relay relevant information to that specific post, and save the other stuff for happy hour with your friends. 

3. Don’t write one-sentence captions

Just don’t ever do this. Yes, you need to be posting regularly to keep your place in the algorithm and to keep your biz on the front of you’re audience’s minds. But no matter how profound that sentence may be, it’s not enough to get clients to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars on your offer. 

So take the time to flesh out that caption and give it all you’ve got. 

4. Don’t say the same things everyone is saying

You may not *think* you’re saying the same things as everyone else, but I’m telling you: it happens all the time. Just take a moment to scroll Instagram, keeping an eye out for the same types of subject lines, quotes, and content material. It’s so easy to get caught up on what others in your industry are talking about, especially if it seems to be working well for them. 

But the whole point of being an entrepreneur is to stand out. In fact, you HAVE to. If you don’t leave an impression on your audience, then you won’t get clients. Plain and simple. So if you want to get clients from your social media captions, then take the time to think about what you really believe in. 

Get opinionated. 

Be different. 

5. Don’t post inconsistently

Getting clients on Instagram is no joke. You have to be dedicated to at least 5 posts per week to see the results you’re dreaming of. Others will (and have tried to) argue with me on this one but I have seen the difference in my own business and the businesses of my clients. 

I see clients thinking they can post 3 times a week and see a return on their time or financial investment but it just doesn’t happen. Then they get discouraged and decide Instagram must not be worth it. 

So you have to decide if the time investment is worth it for you. If not, that’s why you outsource those captions! If your ideal clients are hanging out on Instagram, then that’s where you need to be promoting. 

How to Write Captions 

Here’s the anatomy of converting social media captions. 

The Header

On Instagram and Facebook, you don’t wind up with the same header situation that you do in other forms of content marketing. With emails, you get a subject line, with blogs and sales pages you get many opportunities for clear headlines. 

But with social media captions, they don’t stand out at all (design-wise). You don’t get the help of large, unique fonts in this case. That’s why you have to make sure they’re catchy and seductive – all bets are on your copywriting. 

With Instagram, you do get a special little way to ‘cheat.’ You can use a graphic to help catch attention instead of relying on that tiny little line with a click to read more option. 

So make your headers count. 

The Body

This is the meat and potatoes of your Insta caption. It’s what fills your audience up. You get to use your outstanding brand personality to take them from the header all the way down to the call to action. 

So do these things when you’re writing your body:

  • Sell yo-self! Hit ‘em where it counts and make sure they know you’re actually offering something. 
  • Tie the header into the body. Make sure everything flows. 
  • Use a consistent, recognizable brand voice throughout all your captions. Your audience needs to, not only recognize you, but get excited when they see you’ve posted something. 

Not sure how to make that happen? Download your free brand voice guide here

Call to Action

Bring your men to battle! Create the same emotional cause, the same courage, that a king would use to call his men to battle. 

Check out this IGTV where I give you 5 power words to use in your call to actions to convert more clients. 

Make sure you tie that CTA back to your header. 

Tap Into Your Power

So many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of hurriedly scribbling out their Insta captions just to keep their brand on people’s minds. But your captions – when written with converting copywriting – can actually land you high-paying clients. 

So don’t sell yourself short when it comes to captions. The tips in this post are not just fluff, I can promise you that. These are the techniques I use to sign clients consistently every month. 

Implement them and make them your new habits – you’ll swoop up those clients like a flycatcher on a hot summer day. 

Free Resources for Better Caption Writing

5 Power Words to Land Clients with Calls to Action: Watch the IGTV here

Attract Clients Consistently with a Unique & Confident Brand Voice: Get the free guide here

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