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Email Sequence to the Rescue: Change Your Biz Forever

If you haven’t written an email sequence yet, this is the moment to change that forever. 

As an online entrepreneur, you’ve most likely put out a freebie for email signups, or at least put a fun spin on your weekly newsletter to encourage those precious addresses. 

Chances are, you send a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter with some hot topics related to your industry. 

But that’s not enough! 

email sequence

Your emails should be your most cherished form of online marketing and there are 2 reasons for that:

  • The people who sign up for your email list are openly letting you know they’re interested in what you’re putting down. When someone wants your freebie, that means you’ve struck the pain point or pictured the dream, and they want it. Your email list subscribers are your most willing (often) your warmest leads, so don’t leave them wanting for more. 
  • Your email list is yours! Social media can, and often does, crash (I’ve heard all too many horror stories of entrepreneurs building their Insta account for years, only to have it all wiped out in one measly hour). When that happens, you still have an audience to market to. You still have a business. 

So What Is an Email Sequence?

No, it’s not the shiny stuff on jackets from the ‘80s. Those are called sequins. An email sequence is a chain of emails that you send to your audience, and they all work together to serve a specific purpose – usually to sell one specific offer. 

There are 3 Charlie’s Angels of email sequences:

1. Welcome sequence

2. Nurture sequence

3. Launch sequence (my favorite)

Welcome Sequence

The welcome sequence is simple. 

  • You create a freebie. 
  • You promote the freebie (on your website, socials, or both). 
  • People sign up for the freebie. 
  • You don’t just send them the freebie and then continue on with your weekly or bi-weekly newsletter. Instead, you send a series of emails (usually 4-8) to introduce yourself and your brand, give value, and create awareness for your business and what you offer. 
  • Then you continue with your regular email writing. 

Nurture Sequence

This is the one that gets skipped a lot, and – once again – it’s a cryin’ shame. You see, out there in the digital world, you’re out of sight out of mind. Heck, even when it’s not about digital marketing you’re out of sight out of mind! People barely remember to keep in touch when you move to a new neighborhood, even when they’re your bffs. 

You don’t need to send nurture emails out as often as the other two sequences, but you do need to keep awareness and hype for your brand alive. 

Here are some nurture sequence examples:

Email 1

Send an educational email with a link to your latest blog post, podcast, or Youtube video. 

Email 2

Let your list know you’ll be going live on Instagram, Facebook, or Clubhouse and get them excited about the topic. 

Email 3

Flash sale! Offer a one-day only discount on your low ticket offer, available only to email subscribers. 

Email 4

Send out a little free resource to help your subscribers overcome a common mistake or pain point. 

Maintain the nurture sequence up until your next launch, which will be a bit more intense. 

Launch Sequence

When you’re launching a new offer, don’t leave your email subscribers out of the loop. 

Whether you’re offering a low, mid, or high ticket offer, the launch sequence needs to take your audience artfully through the buyer’s journey. 

Here are some pro tips from a launch copywriter (me) for a high converting email sequence:

Don’t copy and paste your Insta posts and send them out as emails. There’s a different process to converting emails than the one for social media posts; it just won’t be effective. Besides, many of your social media followers also subscribe to your emails, so if they see that you’re double-posting, they’ll have unsubscribed faster than I binge Ben & Jerry’s. 

Don’t send emails every day. That just gets annoying. Trust me, I’ve done a lot of market research to back this one up. Most people find daily promotion emails annoying and that’s a big reason to hit the dreaded ‘unsubscribe’ button. 

Hire a copywriter for these! If you hate writing emails or you have no idea what to write, then why aren’t you investing? Launching is a big deal. You have the potential to make thousands of dollars off your launch, so investing $497 for a converting launch sequence is a no brainer. 

Sales Funnel Email Sequence

I didn’t list this one in the Charlie’s Angels list of email sequences, and that’s because it combines pieces of all 3 types. 

If you haven’t read my blog about writing a marketing sales funnel, you’ll want to read it for some background information. 

Rather than a long, drawn-out explanation of email funnels, I’ll just give you an example of what it would look like:

  • You create a new offer (a course, a group program, a VIP day, etc.). 
  • You create a freebie to entice your audience and get them hyped for your launch. 
  • You run a Facebook ad to get more signups on your freebie. 
  • When people sign up for your freebie via FB ad or social media, you follow that freebie up with your email sequence. 
  • People sign up for your discovery call or buy your course et voila! You just completed a sales funnel email sequence. 

Email Sequence Software

Here’s a list of the most common email sequence software programs, accompanied by my opinion of each one. 

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp has long been known as one of the spammiest ones out there. By that I mean, Mail Chimp’s emails often get filtered through Spam or Promotions.  They do have a free version but it can be complicated and annoying to link it with your WordPress site. I don’t recommend them. 

Constant Contact

Constant Contact doesn’t have a free version (the lowest plan starts at $20/month) but they do offer lots of templates and other design services (like logos and landing pages). They’re easy to link the opt-in to your website, but if you’re just starting out…you may as well go with a free option. 

Convert Kit

They have a free version, but they don’t allow you to set up email sequences with the free version. You can send out broadcasts, but there are no design features (no adding photos or buttons) to the free broadcasts. Since you’re clearly reading this blog to start email sequencing, I’d recommend getting the paid version ($30/month) or opting for a different software. 

Mailer Lite

I saved this one for last because it’s what I use for my own business. There’s a free version for up to 1,000 subscribers, and you can use their templates and send out email sequences till your heart’s content. I recommend this one! 

If I haven’t convinced you to write an email sequence by now, then I’ll eat my hat. 

email sequence

I want you to go write an email sequence. Even if you only have 10 people on your email list, that’s 10 leads who might be interested in your offer. If you have 50+ subscribers in your list, then I really don’t know what you’re waiting for! 

Don’t wait until you have hundreds of subscribers to start email sequencing and nurturing those leads. 

If you finish writing your sequence and would like a professional pair of eyes on your work, sign up for the Power Hour on my services page, where I give customized 1:1 feedback and copy strategy to help you convert more leads during your launch. 

The one thing you absolutely cannot compromise during any email sequence is your brand voice. Make sure you consistently establish that know, like, and trust with a confident, consistent brand voice. Access my free brand voice guide here.

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